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RC-CAM: Contact Information

If you have questions then please visit the FAQ Questions link. You are also encouraged to join the User-to-User Forum.

Please do not write to us for personalized help on your RC-CAM project. The focus of the RC-CAM site is to advance the R/C camera development as a group. As such, private emails do not readily share information to the other members. Of course you can email us for help, but please try those other avenues first. If we notice that you haven't, we will probably just advise you to visit the forum.

If you have model helicopter related questions then PLEASE ask them at the sites mentioned at the bottom of the main page. Sorry, but we will NOT be able to respond to your model helicopter related questions.

If you have web page errors to report, general comments, or have a need to contact us privately, then please feel free to email us at

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