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  2. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    Ah, so ti was Caddx where they removed it from FW its actually pretty good FPV cam btw
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  4. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    I came across a discussion on the Caddx Turbo Micro F1 camera that talks about its menu selected HD mode. Most likely AHD 720P given its low price. Caddx claims it has removed this feature because setting it to HD mode effectively bricks it (because you'll need a compatible HD system to restore NTSC/PAL mode). Too bad, it would have been a good candidate for AHD video on a small FPV model. Here's the discussion: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showpost.php?p=39074392&postcount=1 Please note the warning: Please NOT change the setting "TRANSFER MODE" on OSD menu or you will get into HD mode which FPV monitors cannot display. Only the first batches have this setting on the OSD menu. If you already did that, please PM Caddx
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  6. The History of FPV.

    I came across an online article that summarizes the history of the FPV hobby. The story includes some details about multicopter (drone) development too. Online article: http://www.currykitten.co.uk/the-history-of-fpv/ Original PDF version: http://www.currykitten.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/HistoryOfFPV_RCFCA11.pdf
  7. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    Thanks for reporting the details on the C800T. Learning about what works for us is exactly how the FPV hobby got to where it is today. So contributions of information, like this tidbit on the C800T, is appreciated. The possibility of a firmware change after your Nov 2017 purchase is what's at stake here. But my experience is that the Chinese vendors rarely fix their design problems. So I might purchase a C800T and check it out. But I'd rather have others join in on testing/development and help push this technology.
  8. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    I can confirm only that my latest item ordered Nov 22 2017 does have other then CVBS output mode. Can't tell you exactly what it is since I can see only some signal, unfortunately I don't have AHD capable hardware. And as some kind of evidence that AHD still there could be that seller changed description after I asked them to mention this functionality. I will try to find something AHD to hookup camera.
  9. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    I searched for any details to a C800T firmware update; I can't find any discussion about it. But plenty of users have shared their experience with this camera. The reviews on the C800T are mixed. Two notable things are that it isn't CCD as advertised (it has a CMOS sensor) and is very heavy due to the metal case. But despite those things, the version that supported AHD1.0 may have been a better choice than the AHD security camera that I used in last year's tests.
  10. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    I do remember seeing the removal of AHD from the FW somewhere, but cannot find where it was and which FPV cam it was, athough I am quite positive it was this one.
  11. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    If the currently sold C800T still has AHD mode then I'll order one to try out with the redesigned 5.8GHz Airwave modules. But before I waste my time, can anyone confirm that they didn't remove the AHD function?
  12. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    As far as I know, they actually removed the AHD-D from the FW because when accidentally selected on regular setup, the camera become unusable but good point!
  13. Analog HD FPV Video. Why Not?

    Hi, Happy to see that someone digging in the direction of better FPV image quality. I've interested in this topic by fortunate accident with Eachine c800 20$ camera. Its turned out that this camera has switchable video output mode CVBS/TVI/CVI/AHD-D (by holding pressed joystick during power-on, easy to switch it by accident). This wasn't mentioned anywhere in description and made me false thinking cameras are dead until I found very helpful comment. I've got two cameras back to life and also became very curious why we can't use all of its image resolution in FPV? So maybe this is another step towards AHD FPV and could help make life like setup.
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