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  2. Look for DiY vRx OSD applications by searching for projects like this: https://dronegarageblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/arduino-5-8ghz-rx5808-module-open-source-fpv-receiver/
  3. Hi there. stumbled into this thread while googling for potential issues of this receiver. I never thought my receiver would have problems, but I’ve noticed a different image between my googles (FR632 40channels paired with a Quanum V2 headset) vs. some Eachine diversity headset. Still not sure if the issues are related to the antenna or some other cause, but I dont experience the issues described in the OP. I only have some noise... some horizontal lines that dont appear on the Eachine receiver. Anyway... another question, would be possible to add a minimosd directly to the FR632 and display some lines with the signal strength like other goggles do? I know for example that miminosd gives some kind of percentage for RSSI but I would like bars like the rest of googles that can do that? Also, adding a DVR recording inside would be nice as well, dont think about an external unit.
  4. Thanks for reporting you solved the problem.
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