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Welcome to the RC-CAM Forum. The emphasis of this site is to help R/C hobbyists share their knowledge of wireless video camera equipment. Discussions related to R/C photography, unmanned or remotely piloted model vehicles (UAV/RPV), model telemetry systems, and interesting R/C related electronic projects are welcome too. Frankly, if it is of technical interest and related to radio controlled models, then we like to hear about it. Although the forum is related to the RC-CAM project web site (www.rc-cam.com), you are welcome to discuss any video system that you are using on your R/C model. If you have suggestions, hardware hacks, or questions, please post them on the forum.


Commercial posts are not allowed. If you are involved in the sale or distribution a product then you are a commercial vendor (regardless of your business size, or if you are profitable or not). This includes personal hobby sites that are affiliates for retailers. Simply put, you cannot use this forum as a means to promote your wares (exception is made for the site sponsor). If you wish to advertise then we suggest placing ads with sites that allow banner ads. Of course end-users, that are not associated with a vendor in any way, can freely discuss commercial products. If you do not understand these rules then please contact the moderator.


Posts that appear to be off topic or offensive are subject to closure or deletion. This site is for sharing technical information about wireless video and R/C electronic projects. Topics that fall outside this requirement will be closed or deleted without notice. If you have an important message to share that is not in the spirit of the forum then please take it to the other Internet sites that allow them. Posts that appear to attack another party will not be tolerated. Multiple posts (cross posting the same topic) is not allowed. Abuse of the rules will result in immediate membership termination. Any posting that appears to be spam, web graffiti of any kind, or offensive in the eyes of the moderators, will result in the immediate removal of the message and the termination of the poster's membership.


Posts or membership profiles that appear to be related to search engine seeding are subject to closure or deletion. For example, there have been multiple registrations in our forum by people (and bots) who wanted to use their URL in their member name, signature, or profile, to improve their web site's search engine ranking. This behavior is not tolerated and will result in immediate deletion.


Please do not post messages with titles that are specifically targeted for Mr. RC-CAM or other forum members. For example, a message topic that says "Question for Mr. RC-CAM" is really not all that inviting and does not promote the idea sharing that this forum represents. It also makes searching for interesting discussions nearly impossible. Instead, enter a topic title that reflects your intended discussion.


Please do not use private messages for technical discussions. This forum is meant to encourage the COMMUNITY to work, play, and learn together. Private discussions ruin that concept for everyone. And be forewarned, privately messaging Mr.RC-Cam on any technical topic will earn you a short reply with instructions to move your discussion to the public forum.


We are an English Language Site. So that our moderators don't have to use language translators to review the discussions, your posted messages must be written in English. Other languages are not allowed and may be deleted without notice. This is also true for english text posts that do not fit within the guidelines of the forum.


Member Names and Personal Information. Your user name must be intelligible and use English text characters. Names that use non-English or graphic characters are forbidden. URL's are NOT allowed to be used as a member name. Furthermore, nonsense names like like "---", 1234, or fdsa, are not allowed either (because these are naming methods that spammers use). While rc-cam.com does not prohibit the use of nicknames for your username or "handle" in our forums, please refrain from using anything offensive. If you choose a username that, in our sole discretion, is obscene, indecent, abusive, spammish, disrespectful, or which might otherwise subject us to public disparagement or scorn, we reserve the right, without prior notice to you, to automatically change your username, delete your posts from our sites, deny you access to our sites, or any combination of these options.


Never post a message under another person's name or pretending to be another person. When posting a message to a forum, your username is the only information that is displayed. However, you should always exercise judgment when revealing personal information about yourself when you post messages in public forums.


Your email address must be valid. When you register you will be asked for your email address. As a condition of membership, this address must remain valid. Please keep it current. We will NOT use your email address, or other personal information, for marketing or spam related purposes.


New users are NOT allowed to use robots or other automated means to sign up with the forum. We are tired of spammers and web graffiti. If any membership appears to have been been submitted by such authors then the account will be deleted without notice. Accounts using publicly known spam hosts will be deleted without notice. Frankly, spam and graffiti is not welcome here and will be deleted without any any prior warning.


All posts must be family oriented. Posts that do not fit within the guidelines of the forum may be deleted without notice.


Please be aware of the regulations required to operate RF equipment. In North America, license-free wireless video transmitters must be FCC Part 15 approved (RSS approval is needed in Canada). USA equipment operators that use transmitters that do not have a FCC Part 15 registration number on them, or have been modified in any way, can legally operate the equipment if FCC Part 97 regulations are followed (amateur radio license required). Please keep in mind that most countries have similar restrictions regarding RF transmitters.


Thank you for you cooperation. If you are new to the RC-CAM forum then let me be the first to say "Welcome Aboard."