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  1. ok im at the point were i'll experiment with the circular pattern antenna and see how that goes before committing to an expensive digital system. what i need now is some advice on which to choose, so far you have recommended. bluebeam they seam to have two choices whip or omni i think i like the look of the omni DSCN2434.JPG bluebeam_reject.jpg as more compact and less chance of it sticking out and being bent over in a crash the skew-planar wheel antenna looks fun spw15.jpg but looks fragile for TX purposes which makes me ask do i need to put a circular antenna on my car or just the receiver? the circular wiseless range again looks good http://www.circular-wireless.com/products-page/ any opinions on choice appreciated please back up your choices with thoughts on why these would work better within my given situation, also as stated above do i need circular polarisation on both Tx and Rx. and at the diversity side of things should i just have one circular polarised antenna on and use an alternative on the other side or use two circular anttena. i guess all up if i used circular polarisation on everything i'll need six antenna, two for the Tx onboard and 4 for my diversity receivers so combo wise what works best with what especially at ground level and indoors.
  2. oh and the cameras, they are powered by the transmitters using a cable that comes with the unit like this Dsc05458 P&P Cable 800 x 600.jpg using a just plug i power them up with 3c 11.1 v lipos, i'm unsure what power it feeds the camera but they are made by the same people. im using http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=164 these items are all meant to be integrated flawlessly so i hope im not getting 'dity' power?
  3. after watching this video http://vimeo.com/17959822 im pretty much sold on going digital, only one problem LATENCY!!!! i'm almost going to buy this WVC-SD Mini TX Digital COFDM System http://wirelessvideocameras.com/images/wvc-sd_cofdm_digital_video_link.pdf i can deal with <100ms latency, but discovered that the JPEG2000 compression dose not alllow for audio and must get a H@^$ system with <200ms latency. which judging by frames is about two car lengths at speed. question for me now is do i invest further in my 5.8 analog system and buy circular antenna. go dual system with the above digital transmission for video and existing for audio. with the prices involved i think i should at least try antenna first as i'm guessing zero to negligent digital transmissions must just be around the corner, dose anyone know of any systems available, being released or under development? oh and one other question in regards to the antenna placement, you say do not have coaxial length so move the Rx, as this my might be as practical as to were i place the consoles is it ok to run lengths of the output video cable to the monitors? also about the monitors is their a clear definition of what the monitors are doing when they reset after video loss, as a mere split second loss can mean a second or two of blank screen. i understand why this happens but i don't know what its called and how to determine whether or not a television possesses such a system or not. i ask as i don't own the TeeVees they are hired from place to place as i travel the work and i need to explain this is my technical requirements document in order for my hosts to find the right monitors. thanks in advance
  4. I'm running a sound installation using RC cars run from FPV perspective see http://dualplover.com/vinylrally/ i'm a sound artist and have only been using RC and FPV equipment for a short time and am having trouble getting a good picture. basically the images are flickering alot and i get occasion drop out which the large screen monitors i use don't like, see the video on vimeo below from my last installation in frankfurt. https://vimeo.com/45382669 i have been using the following gear for FPV Tx http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=46&products_id=128 Rx http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=48&products_id=112 the Tx has the following attenna http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=39_68&products_id=180 and the Rx two of these http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=39_68&products_id=122 the installation is typically housed indoors originally i had these antenna http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=39_68&products_id=121 on both my Tx and Rx but upgraded to the above hoping to fix my problem but it still persists. the Tx are mounted on thie sides on the cars see (orange led shows position of transmitter) 429949_341841285868342_1514765831_n.jpg the cars are placed indoors in a track made form beercrates and timber here is the layout of the last track made 575139_406271779425292_1813116209_n.jpg the Rx were mounted onto of the wall in the upper right mid section of the track (start of upper level) basically on the other side of the two crates sticking out behind the consoles 554857_408936305825506_2121299235_n.jpg here is a short video of the Rx (posted to show iftron another problem i'm having with one unit which keeps switching off, but thats another story) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsImf911I6c&feature=g-upl i have plenty of other photos showing various set ups and room if that helps http://www.facebook.com/vinylrally/photos now from reading some of these pages and other places i'm told its not the gear its the antenna! even so i need to solve the problems i'm having so would like advice on antenna placement, possible alternative antennas, or a complete new set up. one vendor is trying to sell me a digital set up for US$10k saying that only digital equipment will fix the problems caused by 'Ground Plane Effect & Multipathing' however this digital gear uses compression formats which have inherit latency issues of about a 1/4 second which when racing around the track will make driving at speed difficult. what i need is a system that dose audio and video has no or little latency has a small mountable Tx works well with surface applications and indoors any thoughts appreciated lucas
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