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  1. ok im at the point were i'll experiment with the circular pattern antenna and see how that goes before committing to an expensive digital system. what i need now is some advice on which to choose, so far you have recommended. bluebeam they seam to have two choices whip or omni i think i like the look of the omni DSCN2434.JPG bluebeam_reject.jpg as more compact and less chance of it sticking out and being bent over in a crash the skew-planar wheel antenna looks fun spw15.jpg but looks fragile for TX purposes which makes me ask do i need to put a circular antenna on my car o
  2. oh and the cameras, they are powered by the transmitters using a cable that comes with the unit like this Dsc05458 P&P Cable 800 x 600.jpg using a just plug i power them up with 3c 11.1 v lipos, i'm unsure what power it feeds the camera but they are made by the same people. im using http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=28&products_id=164 these items are all meant to be integrated flawlessly so i hope im not getting 'dity' power?
  3. after watching this video http://vimeo.com/17959822 im pretty much sold on going digital, only one problem LATENCY!!!! i'm almost going to buy this WVC-SD Mini TX Digital COFDM System http://wirelessvideocameras.com/images/wvc-sd_cofdm_digital_video_link.pdf i can deal with <100ms latency, but discovered that the JPEG2000 compression dose not alllow for audio and must get a H@^$ system with <200ms latency. which judging by frames is about two car lengths at speed. question for me now is do i invest further in my 5.8 analog system and buy circular antenna. go dual sys
  4. I'm running a sound installation using RC cars run from FPV perspective see http://dualplover.com/vinylrally/ i'm a sound artist and have only been using RC and FPV equipment for a short time and am having trouble getting a good picture. basically the images are flickering alot and i get occasion drop out which the large screen monitors i use don't like, see the video on vimeo below from my last installation in frankfurt. https://vimeo.com/45382669 i have been using the following gear for FPV Tx http://www.iftrontech.com/product_info.php?cPath=46&products_id=128 Rx http:
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