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  1. okay, then its the male i was searching. i found the SMB versions at reichelt, not at conrad. http://www.reichelt.de (much better prices then conrad...) so is smb also okay?
  2. gr├╝tzi ind schwitz! conrad (and other german dealers) only offer the male part for pcb. but i could not find the female parts (there are some but not for pcb mounting). and as you know my pcb (see above) i need male and female. and amphenol will only sell in 100 packs. anyone needing 98 antennas?? i will use smb connectors. will this also work? i guess only difference is that they are not screwed together, but snapped. advantage would be that antenna can be taken off easily. rgds yorck
  3. hi rc-man! okay, i will do that. as i am from germany, i will have to check for dealers for sma connectors, but that should not be a problem. i will keep you updated about the progress. one small question: what about CamMan for Sony DSC-P 200? any news already? that should be the perfect RC cam for high res pictures. using it normally and it takes awesome pictures. cheers yorck
  4. okay, its a solid wire with a length of 27 mm, that is soldered on the circuit board and then bended. hope the photo is better now. diameter of the wire is 0,7 mm.
  5. hi guys! i am also involved in R/C camera flying and taking pictures. one question: how do i connect the GP patch antenna to the existing antenna of my receiver? see picture. many thanks yorck
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