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  1. I did a CSR ("cheap, simple and rough") -test today, as we noticed before, the camera has difficulty when it gets the sun directly in the lens I taped an old pair of sunglasses directly in front of the lens and pointed it straight at the sun, what do you think? Please ignore the weeds, too busy building planes IMHO it fixes the "blackout" when facing the sun, but colors are less crispy with this 'filter'. Your thoughts? (Apologies for the quality vid, high compression and some "urban" interference....) Comparison Video I might cut out a piece of the sunnies and make a lens filter from it
  2. That's the problem when you play around with the video, again no time to get a plane ready in time, so I was limited to strapping it to someone else's plane. The antenna was close to the cam, pointing up behind the pilot. I used the patch on the RX side, while I was far away from suburbia, maybe I should have used the standard whip? Bought it two weeks ago, yup, this one is with Sony sensor. Bought it here I noticed before I ever flew the cam it's very high performance in very low light conditions, to be honest I already expected problems looking in direct sunlight. After all it is designed for security purposes. Maybe a color filter of some kind in front of the lens would make it a bit better?
  3. First video posted, (temporary using 2 separate batteries) http://media.putfile.com/pitts63 Scale cockpit view not ideal for watching the landscape but realistic I guess.... Still some interference, or static to get rid of but the camera shows it capabilities I think..... .
  4. I keep it constantly in mind, it just doesn't fall in place... hmmm, 05.30AM, no wonder the grey substance stopped coöperating.....
  5. Very frustrating to be this close, but this goes over my head, I would have no idea what to buy, what a choke or filter looks like, & which specs I need to look for. I will order a complete, properly filtered gizmo from dimension engineering I guess, and test my patience.... Thanks for your help and time, and apologies for my lack of knowledge Last but not least, A very happy new year!
  6. Question in regards to step 1 : That means I'm still using 2 battery packs? Afraid I don't understand without drawing /sketch Batteries are ok I guess, I used before my stab. power supply
  7. Yep, experiment completed, "heaps" better, good vid, no lines
  8. It's 02.30 in the morning so yes, I will try that now standby....
  9. Thanks Mr Cam, I probably got the wrong caps afaik it's a standard of the shelf elco 100uf and two ceramic 1uf caps Hope I can find the low ESR caps over here. This place is nearby, but I don't know what to look /search for ? (begging look in my eyes.....) RS-Components Thanks in advance, Gert
  10. HELP!!!! Only caps I added are the ones on the datasheet: what is low ESR ? And where would "the right place" for the ferrite beads be? Apologies, but I wouldn't consider myself an "electronic wonder" All that's left is you guys, or: "A bit of luck" Yep, powered it both ways, supply reg & 11.1 lipo also with & without wireless If there is no other way I will have to do that, reason I went for this setup is because I want to swap on as many planes as possible: light & heavy, and nimh's give me more flexibility as I already have many cells in different capacities & size. (And I got 'm very cheap) "Small" is a relative, as this is a 1/3 ccd, a bit bigger than the 1/4" chip boards I got this camera: LINK Only drawback is the bullet & bomb-proof steel casting housing, so I vac-formed my own ABS case, and reduced the weight from 75 grams to 22 (translated: 2.65oz to 0.7oz) Also reduced the size a little bit. Now the complete system -ex battery- weights less than the cam only original piccy:
  11. Update; In the process of eliminating problems, Connected the camera straight to TV, result: sharp & 100% picture. I would be wrapped if I can get a slightly better picture, it does look good with this hi-res cam (620 lines) Then I used the wireless TX & RX I got at home (different, low power version used for transmitting audio/vid to the bedroom) result: the lines/noise do appear, although not as obvious as with the aerial system. Thusfar I suspect the power supply, more specificly the switching regulator.. I'll try to describe the noise better; It looks like the lines are bouncing, or moving up -and down slowly, switching direction approx. every 4 secs
  12. Guilty:, Installation was the worst possible (no plane ready, taped onto my mates trainer) Fact is that last night I checked at home and lines are there while holding the system in my hands (or laying on table) Here goes for the details: bwav (lawmate?) 200mw tx (5V) on 4 nimh cells directly, Cam is 12V, powered by same battery via PT5041 ISR with correctly (according to datasheet) installed caps. The whole lot (TX and Reg) installed in the same housing, yep, a recycled battery housing , only survivor from my sony photo camera crash Such a compact fit, I couldn't resist but it could be too close to each other... Ground station = bwav rx with 8Dbi patch
  13. What causes this guys? I'm talking about the diagonal lines in the video, sometimes more or less, see captured screen shots. Thanks in advance, Gert.
  14. It's simple when you know it.. .. Thanks a lot Terry !, It works now. On the subject of wiring, what is generally used for the cam on the models when the camera is far from battery/tx, let's say on the tail?. [heavy] shielded cable? I planned to use [twisted] servo lead, would that add noise to video or is it ok ? If possible I want to mount the camera on the tail for example, and keep the rest in front of the CG.....
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