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  1. What tx and rx equipment were you using in your 50mw videos. What antennas were you using, I am intrested in setting up a very light weight system. Looks like you are getting good range and few dropouts.
  2. Mr. RC-CAM, What hind of protection do you use when running your tx on lipos? Protection against over discharge. Ricky
  3. Richiela, What patch antenna and preamp are you using? I have just purchased a 2.4 gig. 1 watt TX and receiver. I have been using 900 MHz for a long time. Judging by the videos I have seen 2.4 gig has a crisper picture and antennas are more readily available.
  4. Well you have a good picture with very little dropout. Ever think of pointing the camera out the front of the plane and flying FPV? With a plane as fast as yours, you will need a saftey pilot. Ricky
  5. Hello Guys, Years ago I was using 430mhz 1 watt tx. It was a real problem with the tx swamping the rx. I put the rx in a metel box and built a filter that traped the 430mhz out. It worked well. I am now using 900mhz at 500mw and I am not having any problems even with the rx not in a box. Ricky
  6. Has anyone developed a auto. tracking system for RC Video. I haven't seen anthing on this in a wile. It seems that at the 2.4 gig frequency that the size of the antenna would make the turning part of the setup easy.
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