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  1. Thanks. I will therefore use 2 mm thick material and will let you wether there are side effects.
  2. I have only found 2 mm galvanized steel sheet. Does the thickness have consequences on the antenna quality ?
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply. I will chek the galvanized steel sheet and will order the appropriate connector. Best regards,
  4. Hello, Trying to build this 900 mhz antenna, I have found the galvanized steel sheet and can't find the 901-9895-RFX connector. I have found this one and would like to know if it will work as well as the 901-9895-RFX ? Regards,
  5. You are right, I think I would use a 1 mm thick galvanized sheet. I have found a tilt shift mount at this address and think it should move the antenna if I put the appropriate servos.
  6. Thank you for the reply. What gauge would you advise for this 900 mhz antenna ?
  7. Hello, I should soon try to make a 910 mhz antenna but I have a doubt about the galvanized metal sheet thickness. A 24 gauge should be 0.7010 mm and a 30 gauge should be 0.3988 mm. Am I right ?
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