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  1. I have a solution that will allow a camera with a LANC port to be controller from a standard R/C transmitter and receiver. Take a look at it at www.aerialinnovations.net
  2. The framerate is exactly 1.5Hz. I counted the pulses and in 1 minute it pulsed 90 times. You're right I did have it the var set to byte. I have since changed it back to word although it is probably not necessary since my longest pulse should only be around 2ms. I changed my pulsin_max to 300 initially and now to 255 as you mentioned and there is significant improvement. The true test will be when I get a chance to hook up the receiver and see if I accurately use the pulses.
  3. Do you mean that I should ground the signal wire going to my pulsin pin or my pulsout pin that goes to the servo? I also found that there is a parameter you can set called PULSIN_MAX that limits the number of counts to look for a pulse. The default is 65535. At 4MHz that equates to roughly 16ms plus the time for me to generate my pulse out. I set the number much lower at it seems to be acting much better. Before I made these the changes I did check it with the receiver conntected and I still had the problem. Perhaps it is the ground issue. I will try with the receiver and see houw it goes. Thanks
  4. I am trying to program my own PIC to act as a failsafe in the event of a loss of signal. I wrote a quick test program but am having some difficulty. I am using a PIC16F628 with external 4MHz crystal. I can control a servo no problem using the pulsout command, but as soon as I introduce a pulsin command, the servo seems to pulse very slowly to position, and in between pulses I can turn the servo by hand to another position. I am not even doing anything with the pulsin data. Any suggestions would be appreciated....Here is the sample code. define Osc 4 CMCON = 7 rec_sig var byte b3 = 152 goto receiver_read receiver_read: pulsin 5,1,rec_sig pulsout 3, 150 pause 18 goto receiver_read end Without the pulsin command the servo holds steady at the center position. With the pulsin line, the servo can be easily moved before it tries to come back.
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