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  1. tazdevil3000

    My little NAV/OSD project - under construction

    To Daniel , have you got some gps jam with the BoB4 board ? It's seem that the inboard osc (80MHZ I mean) create an harmonic who jam GPS if this one is near the bob4 card. Have you notified that and maybe the modified bob4 from decade enginering is this modif ? Great job, you have done, well if you have it avaible a day for another fpv juncky man , I would like one Rgds Sébastien Gravit
  2. This is a solution to resynchronise pulse to do a valide ppm trame , but it better to use Xtrempower system or dx6 with Uavp
  3. AR7000 not working with UAVP , check serial ppm signal with a scope and you will anderstand why
  4. tazdevil3000

    Audio track as modem data NMEA

    hi , my DLZ working fine on table with airwave module ,need to test with 900 mhz TX from long range video cause of using a spektrum radio .... thank for the kit
  5. tazdevil3000

    Intelligent Flight OSD

    I want one ...
  6. tazdevil3000

    Audio track as modem data NMEA

    Hi , I receive it yesterday , I going to plug my soleder Iron. But just a thing , where is the scheme to mount the kit , you forgot to put it in the box ? Maybe there is a web page I've don't see. I'm happy to test the modem soon..!
  7. tazdevil3000

    Audio track as modem data NMEA

    Hi , I'm interrested
  8. tazdevil3000

    Quadrifilar for RX

    The quadrifilar working great on my tx and on my rx on my plane with only 100 mw , no need too track the plane that is better when you made fpv flight the quadrifilar is hard to build correctly without test equipement, but I think this aerial is great for our hobby
  9. Hi Denis , what about this new HMD ? I'd like this design for implement the head traker and the RX on the upper side Ke us informed amicalement, Taz
  10. tazdevil3000

    landtastic problem

    ok , Your Hex file is working good. Thanks a lot for your support just a question , is it working on a 629 pic cause I got one that I want to use best reggard
  11. tazdevil3000

    landtastic problem

    I'm disapointed cause I haven't testing yet ... ! I keep you inform as soon as possible when I ve got more time ..! trying to do that this week I've good a good version of software that I modified who working if you are interrested regard, ldtastic_Brown_e.hex
  12. tazdevil3000

    landtastic problem

    to kylrah , I add to test your video product for RCM , I waiting for Pierre Weck that I sent me the équipment . Do you want to tell me specialy thing for the article about your product ? you can contact me at this adress ; sgravit-AT-free.fr regards ,
  13. tazdevil3000

    landtastic problem

    thanks for all , it's just that with the original hex file , this menu in the vellman kit prog interface was frozen. I do the modif of the prog at work on a more performer prog (pin-master48) enable to me the possibility to defroze the config menu and to have choise to modify the config word (boden). no all is working with no probleme , the light turn on anytime i switch them. I'will try the new hex file tonight (I'm in France) and see if there is a difference with the new vellman software another question what are the modification in the program to use a 12f629 pic , cause I need a 12f675 for testing anoteher application. is there the osc value coruption probleme with a 629 cause the adress 03ffH don't seem to exist. I'm starting to prog with that pic family .... need to work ..! java script:emoticon('') smilie Thank's a lot for all..! regard
  14. tazdevil3000

    landtastic problem

    yes , with the test you ask me to do , when I unplug the landtastic for 5 second and plug it again it's working any time If I don't do that the reset is wrong I think the solution that you ask me should working I look for my pogramer there is no the fuse setting option so I think that a modified Hex file is the good solution my work programer do not working with 12f675 flash pic so I'm waiting for the hex file another thing with bad RX , when you turn of the tx , the rx move all the servo in several way like it appear to do when your are jamed with another TX on on another freqency This could perturb the landstatic ? I think so ? thanks a lot regard , Sebastien Gravit
  15. tazdevil3000

    landtastic problem

    my serial programmer (with no debug) is a Velman kit with a trademark (not open) software. I'd'like to have the new hex if U can do it , it's very cool for me here is my adress sgravit-AT-free.fr regard Sebastien gravit