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  1. Thnx for the intell, MMM, yes maybe it's better to just not take the risk. And yes, I mean 4A. Sry for that. anyway, I'll try to get my hands on a simple wall plug 12 V DC K, thanks again, Kind regards Moose
  2. Hi, Another question from a newbie: I recently bought myself a brand new hong kong stuff pinhole camera. Reading all the posts here, I noticed it is best to use a regulated 12VDC source on the RX to avoid drifting of the frequency. (instead of a 9 V battery) But now I got myself an old regulated 13.8 VDC power source with 4 watts of power. They used to power a stand with car-radio's with this device. Can anyone tell me if it will blow up my 9-12 VDC RX? Maybe the power device is to heavy for my RX? I posted a question in this matter before and someone told me not to worry because the RX has a build in voltage regulator. But then again the device says 9-12 VDC. What about a higher voltage? 13.8 instead of 12 VDC Maybe a newbie question but I already blew up a RX, misreading the output of a transfo... AC instead of DC (ouch).... Anyone up to inform a newbie? Kind regards Moose from Belgium (Flanders)
  3. Hi, I also have a question about the video RX you have bought. (Hong Kong stuff).... How do you power it? Using a 9V battery or a 9-12 V DC transformer? I'm afraid to use a 12V transfo, I think it may burn out the RX when I try this. Although it says 9-12 V DC. What do they actually mean by this? 9 to 12 V? or minimum 9 V and max 12 V? Why do they do this? Can't they just say 12V.... So I don't have to worry about over powering the RX? Can You advise me on what power source to use? I also live in Belgium, near Bruges. Tnx.
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