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  1. Has anyone used the TOP RC-Gun or AWS module to trip the AerialDrop module? I gave it a try with no luck...............WCP
  2. WCP

    CamMan-SD ?

    The camera will run off the USB port voltage with out battery. Does this mean that there is a voltage regulator in camera? Is the USB port 5v dc? I would like to use receiver pack to power this project. I can put some filtering in the B+ line. WCP
  3. WCP

    CamMan-SD ?

    Why is th PIC (12C50x) powered via the camera? Why can't the PIC and Camera be powered from the flight pack (4.8v) Is it because of the shutter going low? or it because the amount of ma the PIC must sink?
  4. WCP

    Top Gun AWS

    We removed AWS and combat module and evething was fine. Then we changed the receiver to double conv. and reinstalled AWS and module and everything was fine. I will do more testing this weekend....Thanks
  5. WCP

    Top Gun AWS

    Just finished up two Top Gun AWS modules and they both work just fine. I installed one in elect brushless aircraft with double conversion receiver and all is fine. I installed the second in elect brushless with single conversion receiver and seem to be getting interferance to other channels. Has anyone had this problem when using single conv. receivers?
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