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  1. Aloha everyone, I am a newbie here looking for some help. I am a photographer looking for a Transmitter & receiver unit to fire a 35mm camera from as far away as possible. My subject is Surfing, & I Currently Own an old Camera system used by an old Pioneer. The System consists of a water housing, which holds & protects the camera, lens, RC Receiver, Servo & Batteries from the outside waters. This system is then mounted to a surfboard & is ridden in the waves & triggered by a Futoba RC Transmitter. It is a basic simple system in which the Receiver moves a servo arm & pushes a button on a switch which connects a circuit & in turn fires the Nikon 2000 35mm camera. I have taken it out a couple times & was never impressed with the range. At best it is 100 yards Line of site!! This system is pretty old & was about to retire it as I am building a state of the art system that uses a Pocket Wizard Transmitter & receiver unit to fire the camera. Pocket wizard systems are made for photographers. They are used for many things but mostly for triggering a flash system wirelessly… But they are also great for firing a camera from long distances… They boast a 1600ft Range!! It occurred to me that I am sure the RC world must have improved in leaps & bounds sense the original system was created. & That sense the system is solid maybe I should not retire it but Revamp it!! I am also familiar with another photographer who recently used a RC Receiver Without an old mechanical servo to trigger his camera. So my questions are: Is there any thing ut there that can compare with a pocket wizard for range & eas of use. ( the Cavity on the system I am revamping already holds a futoba Reciever & Servo & Batteries, & Will not accomidate a pocket wizard. I am hoping to do a comparison on the both to see which gives a better range, line of site or not. Does any one know of a method to use an RC Receiver To trigger a camera, without using the manual servo method??? Does any one know of an Rc circuit switch that could fire a camera? RC Digital or analog. What is the best range I can expect from a RC Transmitter - Receiver Futobo?? Or other? Are there any that are extra long range? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Mahalo, Ajax
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