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  1. Apologies for the late reply I haven't had a chance to check in for a while, I'll asked my brother (hes the RF guy in the team) to get some details toghther on the reciever antena and photos and I'll post them. cheers Gilles p.s. yb2normal thanks I'm glad you liked it, your right the music is by Matt Dugan it was used in the Matrix Films.
  2. Thanks guys, Terry most of that video was taken using a home brew Discone antenna , their meant ot be good for about 8db gain . I have to admit my brother Eric is the radio geek out of us and has built the RF components, where I've been responsible for the model , flying and the video switching, so if you want more details on the RF stuff I'd be happy to get some details off him. He is also working on a 3 way deversity antenna , its almost ready for testing although I suspect it wont be required with the new solution however we'll still give it a go.
  3. Hi all, Just thought I'd post a video I put togther of some of the footage taken from my model for those who might be interested. I'm using a home brew 20mw av solution its not perfect but I very satisfied with the results given what it is. The plane has two CCD cameras on board one a Black Widow kx-131 and another an el-cheapo no name i bought locally here cheaply. Plane is an own design/built . I've recorded alot of footage with the 20mw solution however , its been enjoyable to try and get the most out of it mainly in the area of reciever antenas however I've decided to move
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