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  1. Second module working well both tx's working the same. I now have the 2 new from emartee that I will put in parts box (or try one if it is of any value) They appear to be identical to the ones I got from you. Tried one tx at 33.5F and other at 50.0F (IR case temp). No voice issues. That info re the er9x forum. I don't want to anger anyone there. If there was a need, I would try open9x, but I do like er9x and getting comfortable with it. I haven't done the telemetry mod yet as it is confusing me a bit. The frsky module part...... So it goes. What I got from you really simplified my mod. Thanks.
  2. I have been the posts on the new method and have decided to try another of the emartee method. I bought extra parts to do at least 2 with extra parts. Do you still have one left ? I haven't seen the 2 modules from emartee, but will buy one of your's as I know it works. Let me know.
  3. Well, It works. ER9X is talking! I have another radio and trying to decide to do the same thing over again or use the updated version. Soldering the wires to the LCD pins on the board made me anxious. I was amazed when it worked. I haven't done much of this soldering for over 30 years. Still fun. Now to prog some switches. Thank You..........
  4. I would like to buy one of the emartee boards. I have 2 of the ng ones in the mail from them. I have the other board ready and want to try it out. What's another $20.00.... New to forums PMing. This is my first post this forum. I think I can be PM'd. Thanks. I'm in NYS.
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