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  1. Now if it would just read APRS packets from the tinytrac, we would be there! I wish I would have advanced past pascal programing back in college.
  2. Many here have setup a moving map display consisting of a gps unit, tinytrac, and shareware for ploting the map on a laptop. Has anyone as of yet written software to display this info as a dashbord with moving needle gauges, and perhaps a location grid? Many here are already recieving the needed info through the receiver audio out / mic in on their laptop, so I would believe that all is left is writting the software. I know cyberflyer has already learned how to read the packets when doing his gps antenae software. Is anything in the works?
  3. Well. here's some antidotal info. While testing the sorry little black patch I had bought from polaris, I made a discovery. At one point I had left the patch mounted to the top of the receiver (but disconnected), while trying the dipole again. The patch was about 3 inches directly behind the dipole and was acting as a reflector. The singal from the transmitter that was across a field, went from snowy to crystal clear. The combo was much better than the diploe alone, and many times better than that piece of crud patch that I eneded up throwing into the trash bin. Anyway, thats my little tid bit about reflectors!
  4. Bill, I few more questions about your CP patch. Have you compared it's maximum range against the goof proof patch, (assuming the GP patch is recieving a properly polarized signal)? I would think that the CP patch would still have further range with it's higher db gain. also, what are the implications of using a right hand polarized versus a left hand model when pairing it up with a non CP groundplane of a single polarization? does it matter?
  5. I held off so guess what I will order tomorrow! sorry guy's. Now I wonder if I should hold off on the altitude hold device or order it at the same time? hmmm. PS. Cyberflyer, did you ever post about what was involved in adjusting the gains on the unav devices to get everything working properly. I think Bill has a RTH setup so maybe he could shed some light? I would love to see this info posted to the new forum. Details would include the radio setup to trigger failsafe and turn the units on, intial installation and gain adjustments, test flights and readjustments, what was tested first. Basically a complete how to guide. Anyone want to take a stab and help shorten the trail and error stage? William
  6. Just to add to bill's post. That "last piece" is also availible from unav. They have a unit that will trigger at predetermined gps coordinates.
  7. KE4UVQ, which 1 watt transmitter did you go with?
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