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  1. Ok, tried fresh batts, removed and re-seated the memory board, removed all hacks & reset the cam 11 times (press mode untill 888 appears and the cam resets - Beep and 0 displayed). Same symptoms :-( It seems that something connected to the shutter button is now busted. I think that I may have put 5v across the contacts and this may have also damaged the mode button. At least the camera is not a total loss, it will still take pics in Hi-rez if you want to wait around for it to do so. I left it beeping for about 30 mins and it shot 60 pics which I downloaded to the PC without incident. The USB live camera funtion also works. I have ordered a new camera and this time will make double, triple sure I hook everything up correctly. In the Uk you can get them for only £20 - so not a great deal to replace. Thanks for all your help Mr.RC-Cam :-)
  2. Hi, It is a slighly hacked cam, I did solder wires to the shutter switch, and a 5V regulator to the USB port (around 4.84v) - and initial testing confirmed they were fine. A update on the cameras wierdness. Pressing the mode button emits 1 Big beep, followed by about 20 repetetive beepes, then a load of beeps that are double speed. Interestingly is takes a picture after it has finished beeping. It will continue this untill I pull the batteries. I think either of these 2 scenarios have fried something in the cam. a). A fresh nicad delivered more than 5V to the regulator and more v's to the USB power pins- but the USB interface works fine. . A bit of a stupid mistake, I accidentially connected the shutter to the 5v feed, passing 5v across the shutter. Oh well another pencam has been bough and this time I will label the connectors!
  3. Hi, My 1.3 Pencam has started to act strange all of a sudden. Using batteries or the USB port the cam powers up ok. Try to use the shutter and it does nothing... Try to use the mode key and it starts beeping. Once hooked up to the PC it will download any saved images ok, and act ok in webcam mode, so the memory and CMOS seem to be ok. I have tried the 888 reset mode, but I still have this problem. I am wondering is my PC gave it a little more that 5v through the USB, as it seemed to act a bit odd after plugging it into the USB port. Any ideas. Thanks.
  4. Hi, I am powering my wireless HK cam from my aerobirds X-Port. The cam works fine but I do get interferance from power ripples, with the motor on. Whats the easiest way to suppress this ripple, or should I simply use a seperate power pack. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Everyone I have spoken to thinks that an 8.4v Nicad will poer the cam ok. I had a wireless cam that worked except the cmos was dodgy. I plugged the cam into the xport (pins 1 + 4) and the camera got hot! Hence my concern with plugging the new camera in, alothough I think it may have been shorting out inside. I did double check the voltage on the X-port and it was around 8.2v The cam has the regulator in the plug. First time I took it out I managed to strain and break one of the tiny wires from the output to the cam. I stripped back the top of the plug with a sharp knife to expose the PCB, then re soldered the wire. The plug is now a strain proof contraption made of heat shrink tubing and hot glue! The font is USAF Stencil- free ttf from here: USSAF Stencil Font It has lower and uppercase variations also.
  6. Hi, I am looking to reduce weight on my aerobird challenger wireless video setup. I have tried to get the plane airborne with this setup: The 9v Cell is a tad too heavy I think. I would like to power the cam from the availabe power from the X-Port. The wireless camera takes 8v 200mw. I have an 8.4v 1000mAh NiCad pack that would provide enough volts, but I am a little fuzzy on current etc. Would plugging the wireless cam directly into the X-Port power pins destroy the cam with over current? Thansk for your help :-)
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