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  1. I first got interested in wireless video thru this site. I am using Black Widow A/V equipment. Here is a link to my first flight. Putfile
  2. Here's an update. I bought and installed the low voltage alarm suggested by Mr. RC-Cam (LightFlight). It works great and has several alarm features (lets you know the state of the battery each time you turn on the video and also starts alarming when battery gets low) The only problem was the beeps were too quiet. I solved this by utilizing the audio channel on the transmitter which I wasn't going to use. I bought a very small microphone and intalled it by the beeper. Now I can here it thru the camcorder very clearly when transmitting video. Just finished it today. Haven't flown it yet
  3. Thank you for the quick replys. I think Mr. RC-Cam's suggestion will work just fine. As long as I can hear the alarm I can shut it off.
  4. I joined this forum about a year ago and finally have a plane about ready to go with onboard video. I'm running the Tx and camera (Black Widow A/V) on a 900Mah Lipo. I'm concerned about running the voltage too low on the Lipo. I could just keep track of the time transmitting. I have a servo/electric switch on channel 5. A better solution would be some sort of low voltage cutoff set to 9 volts. I have a 3 cell Lipo. Problem: I'm not an electronics whiz. Is it fairly simple to rig up something like this??
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