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  1. thank you for the clarification.
  2. Guys, if any one is interested, The Top RC-Gun uses the older style sonic combat modules. The one that i use, http://www.air-commander.com uses the newer style sonic combat module. They are different in that the Top RC-Gun cant use the new and Air-Commander cant use the old. I have 7 available old style sonic combat modules free for the taking as long as you will pay the shipping. Then all you have to do is build the circuit described by RC-Cam. I however, chose to go the Air-Commander route since it has built in games and has a digital display to show hits and shots. it also has a built in lost model locator in the event you go down in tall grass. Email me at brian at altitudeap.com
  3. i have a Black widow av transmitter and reciver. is it possible to make a ciruit that would let me input 4 video sigals into it and then transmitting through the downlink. Like in a security system 2x2.
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