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  1. We have ignition!!!!! The Stand Alone mode now works. I got some great photos with the camera already, using my MJF Fiberglass mast, The stand alone feathure is very nice for using the camera with my mast. Very simple, works great. I'll post the pictures later this evening. Now just to work out the RC side of the system. Im just so happy that it is working, and I didnt blow anything up. Praise the Lord.
  2. So if I grounded the stnd alone mode pin to the grund pin, it should fire off shots right? No RC gear needed?
  3. I have it on Channel 3, throttle, and made sure the EPA was 100% which it was, and then measured the voltages at pin4 on U1 after R1. The voltage with the throttle at the down position was .180+ and the voltage at the top was .288+. If I have everything connected and leave it all on for a few minutes, every now and then I hear a beep, like your are focusing the camera. If I turn the transmitter off for a few seconds and then turn it back on, I get a series of three beeps from the camera. Before I did this, I removed the jumper wire for the seq, and stnd alone modes so that it would only work in RC mode.
  4. What is the voltage on PIC pin 1? Is this voltage positive or negative? +2.78 What is the voltage on PIC pin 2? 2.74 What is the voltage on PIC pin 3? 2.78 When you depress for focus, what is the voltage on pin 2? Pin 3? -.01 , 2.77 When you depress for shutter, what is the voltage on pin 2? Pin 3? -.01, -.01 Thanks, Matt
  5. Mr. RC. I finally found an eletronics shop that would solder the connections for me. He verified that the connecctions were made. I put the camera back together and it still took pictures on its on so that was good. But the Camman module doesnt seem to be working. I took the camera back apart to make sure that one of solder joints had not broke loose and everything appears to be fine. Can you give me any suggestions on what to check or do to try and get this thing working? Thanks, Matt
  6. Its not the prettiest thing Ive ever seen, but as long as it works I dont care. -Matt
  7. Alright, gave it another shot. I was confused when I started flipping the PIC around and looking at the schematics versus the PIC illustration. The second servo lead coming out is my jumpers for the Stand Alone and SeQ shot, the wire in the middle of the three is the ground, coming off the GND port of the PIC. To swap between the two I just sliide the pin over one slot and it connects the other wire to the ground. This should work right? I have about 4 wires coming off that GND lead on the PIC is that O.k.? Heres what I got now. Is this correct?
  8. Mr. RC Cam, Can you double check my work and make sure I am interpretting the schematics correctly and I have not done anything wrong. Thanks, Matt
  9. Im in the same boat as slacsteve, is there a way I could buy a PIC from you also?
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