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  1. Ok I think I will program another pic and give it another try. Thanks again I appreciate the help.
  2. I used the USB power method. I did try to use the shutter button while hooked up to the receiver and was not able to taake a pic. Maybe I just need to start over not sure.
  3. Yes the camera can be turned off and on using the transmitter. Yes I belive I can manually use the cameras shutter button and take a pic. (I'm at work now) I know that when it is hooked up to my pc I can take a pic using the software that came with the camera. Any ideas??
  4. I have my pic (12c508a) programmed and wired into my aiptek mega camera and have checked all wiring and all is well. The problem I have is when I hook the camera up to my planes receiver and try to take a picture I can only turn the camera on and off but can't seem to take a pic. The camera still works using it when not hooked to the receiver. Anybody got any ideas????? All help appreciated.
  5. Thank you MrRC-cam very helpful info. I'm looking forward to wiring it up to my aiptek mega and starting AP. Again thanks.
  6. I think I have my 12c508a chip programmed with the hex file provided by Camman. I know when compairing data you will get an error. After programming the chip I have read the chip and the data is only on a few lines (maybe 10 to 15) and it starts way down the page (not at address 0000) Can someone tell me if this is normal and the chip is programmed correctly? Any info greatly appreciated.
  7. Does anyone have a Aiptek SD 1.3 megapixel digital camera they want to sell or maybe trade for some electric RC stuff plus cash??
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