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  1. Hi -AT-all .... A long time ago I did some tests to build my own RC-Cam with an AVR µC. I asked a question that time: http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?show...84&hl=AT90S2313 Now I want to build it new from scratch. For this I want to ask you what the main problems are. What is important to know to get good results in controlling a cam? It would be great if you can give me some details how to connect the cam to the µC and how I can simulate pressing a button. This was my main problem if I try it the first time. So hopefully you can give me some tips about this stuff. Greetz Dominik
  2. Hi ! Well I connected Vcc from the µC and the cam together. Also I changed my Cam_On procedure. This is what I wrote (Bascom): Sub Kamera_an_aus Config Pind.2 = Output 'set pind.2 as output Set Portd.2 ' set portd.2 to 1 / High Waitms 100 'wait 100 ms Config Pind.2 = Input 'set pind.2 as input End Sub But the result is the same. I can´t switch off the cam. The Pin to G is like before at about 200-300mV if I set him to 1 / high. Could you switch off the cam with your pic? Any furter ideas?
  3. Hi ! -AT-Mr.RC-Cam : Thx for the informations. I will see what I can do. And u are right. The cam is about 3,7V and my µC runs at ~4,5-5V. Why is this such a big problem?
  4. Hi -AT-all! Because I´m not really a freind of PICs I spend some time yesterday to build up a RC-CAM Module on AVR basis. I used an old AT90S2313 for this. After I studied the RC-CAM informations I got the most things working really quickly: - rc signal is detected correct - I understand the working of my GSmart Mini 3 Cam - I wrote some simple routines to set the buttons from the cam to 0 or 1 (with this I can switch on the Cam and take photos) But I have still a little problem. I will use your photo to explain my prob ... So what I am doing is the following: - I set the portpin to 1 / High (in your pic it is G) and the cam switched on - After 100ms I set the portpin to 0 / Low - If I want the cam to switch off I set the Portpin to 1 again And here is my problem: the cam don´t shut down. It is still powered on. I take my multimeter and measured the voltage at this pin. If I switch on for the first time the pin is at about 4-4,5V. If I want the cam to switch off there are only about 500-700mV. This is why the cam don´t switch off. But what is the cause of this very low voltage? If I cut the cam (pin G) from my µC everything works fine. I have always ~4V. Also I added a resistor (330 Ohm) between µC and Cam (pin G). But the effect is the same. Has anyone an idea why the voltage is so low in this special case? Greetz moelski
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