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  1. Hi everybody ! Congrats for this forum creators and to all users that help improving our wireless cams. I would just ask some help on these HK 1.2Ghz sitems. I bought some of these Hk cams, they were cheap, and looked nice. I was trying to put them on some RC models but as i'm never satisfyed with things the way they come from factory, i decided to disassemble one to see if i could extend the TX away from the cam. Well, i did that but on the way i've ruined two of them by doing some changes and forgetting to check polarity. The stupid part is that i did that twice ! On different ocasions! That small PCB or SMT , can't remember, with the LM 7805 5V reg and the other parts, wich i don't know the name, the tiny brown ones, whent down.Trash! Well , the question is , is there a way to replace that stuff with a simple and bigger part or device to do the same job like the Vreg ? I would apreciate some help from you guys because i'm just a curious guy who like to mess with things just to better know them. Keep the good work , cheers Joao Catarino, Portugal
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