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  1. thanks a total of 3.3k resistors on each leg seems to get me to about 180degrees rotation
  2. HI I have hacked a Hitec HS-805BB (big and heavy duty servo) hoping to improve the rotation angle. I replaced the internal pot with an external that is also the axle on the gearbox. (Need even more torque 4:1 box). The original pot was 5K, so I tried a 10K pot and got about 60 degrees rotation. Then a 1K pot yielded about 110 degrees rotation. If I keep going small resistance will I get to 180 or 200 degrees? Using servo to drive arm to flip an R/C truck over when it gets inverted. 110 degrees doesn't sweep around far enough. I guess one solution would be to take out pot and put in limit switches, but that is just one more failure point. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
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