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  1. hi guys i really wonder if anyone tried this kinda gyro stabilized mounts in his model before do anyone know brand name or supplier for such mounts need your help guys thnx bluethunder8000
  2. first thnx for all of you for your reply, for> Vb2normal ummm i think have just reamed the prop>15x6" zinger wood prop< and used it , it never came to my mind to balance it if so , can you tell me in simple way how i might do it ,i don't have balancer righ now, so i will elemint this factor or prop balance what do you mean by soft mount for the engine <i use reinforced nylon adjustable mount great palnes prouduct< is there any modification can i do it ?! > Vrflyer, i know what you mean coz unfortunately happend to me i lost its crystal due to the vibriations but fortunatley i have a separate tx module >Temporary Insanity, which pins do you mean ? i believe there is no pins i can see here in this cam ! or you might mean the pin to adjust the crystal for good focus ? if so this cam does not have such one >wiered isn't it < once more thnx guys for your reply and waiting for anther one bluethunder8000
  3. hi guys , i need your expert advice for such problem > i know lot of you encountered it< i have fixed wing pusher model with OS120 glow engine , and i got one of wireless 1.2ghz cmos camera , i fixed it in the front of the airplane with clear cover ( dome like ) after starting the engine , the show begin , i recieve a blury pic on the screen i wraped it with bangi but it still affected buy the engine viprations what shall i do thnx for help bluethunder8000
  4. TOM , all what i can say i'm feel so grateful to you for the info you gave me i think its time for me to work now to over come these problems i got , of course you will be the first one to know what happend thnx again bluethunder8000
  5. Tom , i forgot to ask you what is the program you r using to program the chip ?
  6. hi Tom 1- yes already assembled and it does not responed, i know its not write protected, but when i used a microchip hex file simulator to see what is going on i found that the program is going in kinda indefinte loop 2- is that what you mean by verifing the hex code programming ?? 3- i checked pins 9&10 that going to the crystal by ocilliscope and it gives signal but i don't know why the led is not working even i checked it alone it work ? els what do u suggesst how i might chek the 20mhz crystal so i will be sure its not the problem ? 4- yes i'm sure about the 5vdc the chip getting it you know i have some doubt about the 20 mhz crystal so tell me hopw i might check it alone or in the curcit ????!!! bluethunder8000
  7. thank you so much TOM it was really nice of u to reply since i believed that no one will reply again , it was useful to read this text u sent to me it contains alot of good info , but it seem that i still have dificalites in the the RCAP i assembled coz it doesn't give any response > the led does not react at all < i assemebled the whole componenet my self and i programmed the chip my self so i believe that i might be wrong in anything i used up lots of time trouble shooting it but no result , finally i tried to purchse the whole kit but i feel unlucky that its not produced anymore , and even i can't find the preprogrammed chip to buy well anyway dd u built it your self if there any source i can get the kit let me know talk to you soon thnx once more TOM bluethunder8000
  8. well do you mean in the main HEX file or what do u mean ?? have you assembeled the RCAP what do you think i might missed ? els do you know how much the kit might coast ?
  9. SIR, I was really delighted to come across your ( RCAP) design so I decided to make it After assembling it was disappointed that it does not work at all so here what I did 1- I made the PCB as in the project 2- Then I programmed the PIC using MPLAB IDE v7.20 3- I hooked up everything ( GPS-SERVO -…) but no response 4- I trouble shoot every step I made and the component on the PCB as followed : a- I looked up the schematic diagram and I found that (R5) in deferent place other than in the illustrated picture in the project >> anyway it was not big deal to notice << b- after I programmed the PIC , there were no response , so I tracked the signal that should coming out from PIC pins with the oscilloscope to make sure that the PIC working and it was good as a signal but nothing going to pin26(servo) So I tested the HEX file with the PIC IDE simulator and the result was repeating forever some certain loop and the LED that should response on the simulator does not show any thing even with or with out the on /off trigger on( pin 25 or the pass thru pin 24 )>> does it wait for some certain command or something like that ???<< c- I used the debug hex file to see if there is any deference but no response again after all I think I came to dead end with your project especially after I burn almost all my brain cells >hopefully not all of it < I decided to send you this message to help me not burning the rest of my brain so if you please can you point out what I did wrong and which interface do I have to use in the GPS ( GARMIN/GARMIN or NMEA / NMEA) ??? BLUETHUNDE8000 > right now its just BLUE  < Best regards
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