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  1. Can anyone recommend a mic and amp setup that will work well with the Airwave 612 Tx.
  2. I just bought the Airwave 612 TX and need to find a good power supply design that incorporates the DE-SWADJ Switching Regulator by DimentionEngineering. I have built a few power supplies using V-regs, but as the power supply will be mounted in an enclosed area, the heat is too much. I can mount the power supply a considerable distance from the radio gear, as I have read about interference and noise problems. I would try to design my own, but I can hardly handle building from someone else’s design let alone figure out a decent design that wont start a fire. Hope someone can point me in the right direction.
  3. Thanks Kilrah, I would have kept trying to get that second chanel. I never did understand why there is only one audio source on the Tx, and two, left and right, on the Rx. I assumed it was just some simulated stereo that put exactly the same audio on both left and right chanel. I'm sure I will have more questions as I go, but thanks to both you and Mr. RC-Cam for all your help. von
  4. Kilrah That did it!! The audio is working on both of my Tx’s now, but only on one channel. I will try to fine tune them to see if I can get both working, even though I only need one. I had posted a question a few weeks ago, asking if anyone knew what this pot was used for, but no one responded and I didn’t want to adjust them until I knew what they were used for. Anyway, thanks for your help. von
  5. Thanks for the help! I have tried both left and right already. I have three RCA’s connected to the receiver. Video, plus left and right audio. The audio RCA’s are wired to the board and connected to pins 4 and 5 of the Rx. As I mentioned before, I have two Rx’s and two Tx’s. I have built one board for the Tx and one for the Rx in accordance with the info on http://www.delemarre.ciscon.nl. I can switch the units themselves and I get the same results. I have also installed dip switches on both boards to select each of the four channels available, and no audio on any of them. I have also tried both the pre-amp with the mic and going directly into pin 4 on the Tx with an RCA coming out of a DVD player. The picture is fine with all these combinations but only white noise for the audio.
  6. Test 1) Remove pre-amp and connect Tx pin 4 to 1k resistor then ground. White noise! Test 2) Only Rx on. White noise! Hope this points you to something. I have also rolled both Tx and Rx as I have two sets and built the boards so they could be plugged in. Thanks, vonkal
  7. I have a couple of sets of the Airwave 2.4Ghz units that I got from Active-Robots. Two 612 500mw Tx’s, and two 620 Rx’s. I can’t get the audio working. I have connected it to both a DVD player and have built the circuit described at http://www.delemarre.ciscon.nl. I have the 33u/10v capacitors connected properly on the receiver. All I get is static with every configuration I try. Can someone tell me where my problem might be? Also, can anyone advise me on how I might be able to test the Tx portion of the audio? (All I have is a volt/ohm meter though) Thanks!
  8. Terry, When I first read your replay to my post, I thought "no way!"! But you were absolutly correct. I moved the receiver to another room and not only did my picture clear up, but all the channels lined up as well. All four are crystel clear. And here I was positive that, as it was my first electronic project, it had to be something was wired wrong. Thanks for your advice. Now on to the audio portions of the circuit!
  9. I have a couple of sets of the Airwave 2.4Ghz units that I got from Active-Robots. Two 612 500mw Tx’s, and two 620 Rx’s. Although I have used a couple varieties of the Hong Kong Cams and they worked ok, I needed a little more kick and wanted to try my hand at building some electronics. I think I have everything assembled correctly, but I am having some problems getting the units to work. I get a lot of ghost and can only get a picture with the Tx set to channel 4 and the Rx on channel 3 (I have installed both units with dip switches so I can change the channels). My question is this. On the Tx module, there appears to be a hole in the can which allows access to a pot (I think). Is this used to fine tune the frequencies, or is there something else I may have missed that could be causing the problems I am experiencing. Thanks!
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