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  1. And now this http://www.xtremepowersystems.net/xtremelink.php Seems like everyone is watching everyone else..... Zeek
  2. I have had a lot going on since returning from my vacation, not much extra time for continuing my testing. I have installed the electromagnetic shield that Mr.RC-Cam sent me. (Thank you) I have also started the process of shortening up some of the extra wiring I have on the wireless video system. So far I have removed 13 inches of extra wire with some more to go. I have ordered a new Archos AV-500 Pocket Video Recorder with a 30 gig hard drive to replace my Sony camcorder to record the movies. Quality should be much better than converting from VHS tape for posting the movies for downloads.
  3. I just uploaded it again and changed the link in the above post, try it again Zeek
  4. I will try to upload it again tonight. It will be my last chance to do it for a week as I am heading out in the morning for 1 week. sorry Zeek P.S. It was there really
  5. Yesterday I finally got my plane in the air and was able to get a couple of flights recorded with the Gecko OSD board. After a few PM's to RC-Cam Man I was able to work through some of the ground range issues I was having. I installed a temporary electrostatic shield and was able to increase the ground range. It still is not 100% but better than it was. I also need to shorten up some of my wiring as there is quite a bit of extra length going to some of the components of the video system. I need to take more time to try and isolate what is causing most of the EMI/RFI problem. It can definite
  6. The following features are what I have set my Gecko OSD board up for.. Timer set for elapsed flight time. R/C Control of the OSD information (able to turn all fields off and on for unobstructed video) R/C Glitch counter Photo/Event Counter Altitude and Speed Tachometer GPS Heading GPS Coordinates Motor battery and amps Aux Voltages =R/C receiver voltage At some point I would like to hook up the RSSI to be able to see the signal strength of the receiver. I did run into some ground range issues this past weekend. I am hoping an electrostatic shield will take care of the problem.
  7. This evening I finished up the installation of my beta Gecko OSD board. Tomorrow I will do some range checking and if the weather cooperates will send it skyward. Forecast says partly cloudy with 2 to 4mph winds. I had a small issue with the little (and I mean little) rare earth magnets. I had one installed backwards. After turning it around everything is fine. I will report back after the test flights are complete. Wish me luck. Zeek
  8. Update I got the Gecko OSD installed on my Slow Tabria on Sunday. It installed easily with a bit of Velcro and some clear packing tape to hold some of the wires in place. I had to make up a couple of new connectors to hook the board to my wireless video system. The part that did take me a fair amount of time was figuring out how to install the Hall Effect tach sensor and small rare earth magnets. I am using a HiMaxx 2025-4266 brushless motor with a 6.6/1 gear ratio. The idea I came with was to install the magnets on the inside of the spur gear with a drop od CA and the sensor was pl
  9. Yesterday I received my fully assembled, beta Gecko OSD board from Mr. Rc-Cam. It is nothing short of a work of art. It arrived in a small cardboard box that was shipped Priority Mail. The contents where completely wrapped with bubble wrap and the OSD board was in a sealed antistatic plastic bag. Power, video, tach, and receiver cables were all soldered to the board and labeled. In my opinion this Gecko OSD board is what I would consider APAP (Almost Plug And Play) If I were not aware that this OSD board was handmade, I would swear it was completely machine made. The craftsmanship is truly unb
  10. I was hoping to have heard more input from the beta testers by now, or even some testing videos of it in operation. Zeek
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