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  1. Any luck so far, ryanhettenbach? I've been planning to open up a bomb-drop module to see if it supplies enough current to its electromagnet to actuate a micro-sized relay instead (thinking RS #275-240 5v spdt relay $4.49). If it does, the normally-closed contacts on the relay (which will be open until the x-port is triggered) can be used to switch current from the plane battery to a model rocket ignitor. I'm thinking in-flight launch mechanism for some wing-mounted bottle rockets here - air-to-air missile dogfights, anyone? There's probably a very simple transistor switch circuit (darlington, maybe) that could replace the relay approach. Where's my dvm gone to... I'll try to capture some airborne video if I get this working, assuming the bottle rockets don't set the wings on fire, that is. Of course, that would make for even more compelling viewing, eh? Keep up the good work, Mr.RC-Cam - these forums are a fascinating source of information and expertise about this rapidly-evolving hobby.
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