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  1. I bought 2 pairs of the I-glasses from Ebay Germany a while back. They were brand new but a discontinued model of the I-Glasses Video with resoultion of 800x600 and they work very well indeed. It is not digital picture quality but for what we are doing they are great. I paid about $100 ea from a "Drop Shop" seller. My folks live in England and I had them shipped there for cheap. Dad sent one pair over and I will be picking the other pair up in 3 weeks when over. Like these.
  2. As I have mentioned before, Act-Labs has been working on the development of a new version including GPS OSD. I have a few questions to throw out for consideration and comments are encouraged OK, with having GPS on screen display, what would your purpose for it be? Is just having the GPS info displayed enough or would it be good to have the info recorded internally for play back later to see "where you went?" What if this went further and not only did the BB V2 have OSC GPS but the BB had GPS pass through ability so it could be linked to Matt K's PDC-10 clone for autonomous flight? Doe
  3. I have not seen the selling BB but the switch is only used when using the USB cable, up for on and down for off. There is no power switch for the actual BB, you have to remove the power source. The TEST feature of the software was removed by the manufacturer and was there only during the initial software set up. Mike
  4. Hi Vrflyer....your set up is looking very good and I am really excited to see some video from you soon. I am almost ready to test fly my AP cargo plane and I have some i-glasses to try some flying from the cockpit....I will have to get some tips from you before trying it though. Let me know how the BB works for you...so far the feedback coming in has been very good Mike
  5. Radiohand, I really think you are onto something good here. I just emailed unav about the possibilities of a new batch of PDC-10's but they are playing hard ball and not at all interested. Seems they just want to sell their expensive PicoPilot to those that have deep pockets and not interested in us normal folks Hopefully Dan's dream of having an affordable, reliable set up will come to pass with your project....keep up the good work! Mike
  6. I also have the manual in .pdf if you want it, just email me. The cost for the PV-500 is $350.
  7. That's a very good question seeing as the BB has a 15'000' operating range but it seems that once calibrated to zero it only diasplays up to 1000' I will ask the manufacturer. Mike
  8. I have been testing a product from Act-Labs called the Black Box. Is still in beta testing and revisions are already under way for a new improved model including GPS. However, the manufacturer would like more testing and input from modelers like you and I including suggestions for possible new features. They do have several of the versions that I have remaining and would like to sell those for $99 plus shipping. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you are interested please send me a PM or email me at iflyrc-AT-gmail.com. Just to give you a brief overview of what the BB can do, it has
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