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  1. Should try to plug your camera directly on a tv to know if it works. And, if not, on the tv, it will be easier to troubleshoot.
  2. Hi ! Great quality cameras, and very smalls tx........ try Super-Circuits......it should do it ! Alain.
  3. Hi ! You want to extend the antenna's wire ? I think you should put your antenna just where you want it ( within line-of-sight of the transmitter).......but, just put your RF receiver right next to it with the shorter antenna wire you can do, and extend your VIDEO wire. The video signal is much easier to handle than RF, and to a lesser loss. Choose a directional antenna..........it will cut multipath interferences and any foreing signals as cordless phones and computer wi-fi , (a patch antenna or a yagi could be a good choice in your application) and therefore eliminate
  4. Hi ! Stretch a wire between the tx and the rx.........i bet it would extend the range !!!!!!!! hahahahahah
  5. Hi ! Welcome to you ! The two forementioned well known head-trackers are gyro-based. But, there is a new player in this ball-park ........http://rangevideo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=45&products_id=93 It's a magnetic compass based head-tracker. So, there's no drift at all. Could be a fine choice. Does someone have already tried it ?
  6. No. I begun to tackle with Super-Circuits 500mw, 900mhz tx/rx about 6-7 years ago, and never got a reliable downlink ...... Those tx/rx are very fine; but , when i look at the results the other guys here are getting from it.......i know now that i have no talent with the antennas issues. So i moved to Super-Circ. 2.4g tx/rx, 3 years ago and got better results. I do AP, not video, so i only need it to frame my pictures, and therefore, even if i have some image glitches, it's no big deal. I've lost an AP ship in 2006 december (lost with all the onboard rig)
  7. Hi . The Inesun' s 2.4g transmitter/receiver kits are good, but sometimes (only once) need a little adjustment (there's 2 little pots inside), and are very cheap. Great stability, and they covers all the 12 availables 2.4g channels. I have the 700mw and the 1w models. I hook them directly to 3s lipos with the motor, no problem. You have to care where you place the transmitter in the plane, or you will seriously screw your rc range. The 2.4g tx and the 72mhz rx are just not a good natural fit. If you plan to put it where there's plenty of ventilation, you can get
  8. Hi there. Kilrah, is your head tracker's drift problem solved ? Almost all heli headlock gyro have the same (little) problem, and it' s related to temperature. I have to let mine get temp stabilised when "on" for few min. and then slightly adjust the rudder trim so the drift will be minimal. IF the drift is caused by the bias circuit, could't it be solved by the use of precision resistors ?
  9. Kilrah is right about the memory card... and the download to your computer will be MUCH faster with a card reader than thru the cam usb wire. Ben oui......hahahah un autre maniaque. Youppi !
  10. You should look at it. Those are off-the-shelf,already fonctionnal (but rather expensives) devices, and are probably hackables. http://www.tekgear.com/index.cfm?pageID=90...3&nodelist=1,83 And look at the little videos at the bottom of this page :http://www.fsimzone.com/new/content-9.html Ciao.
  11. ...Hi guys... A different approach will be to look at the parachute-way to do things... I think it must "work" the same way than the stuka system. When you are a beginner to parachute dive (the real one), you have a neat little device velcroed on the top uf your right shoulder strap that will open your second parachute (the security one) automatically.That thing is a little 2 cubic inches black plastic box with a graduated adjustment screw in it, and it HAVE to be effective and VERY reliable, since it must open your chute in case of "brain power failure" when you dive. It does his
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