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  1. yes of course...ccd...however i dont have it nor have money for it...ive found a solution....a very weird one... very often i had B&W picture and very dark pic(very)..didnt know why...thought it was voltage to high but it wasnt ...thought it was sub zero temp but no... solution of my problem was simple and stupid actually... i disconnected my cam from its 800mw transmitter and connected my cam directly to my pc tv card..so it wasnt wireless ..just like a webcam..only not usb but classic video in(composite)..and dc cam reciver of course from my tv in...the pic was perfect,,,then i dc it and connected my cam to transmitter again and pic was also perfect... ....i thought wtf?! so i played w my cam like for hours(turning on and off) and had superdark pic or sometimes B&W pic like 10 or 15 times..and 10 or 15 times i dc cam from transmitter and connected it directly for few secs and then connected it to transmitter and every single time i got perfect pic...any explanations?!?!
  2. has anyone had some picture lightness problems w ebay cams? today it was pretty warm(about 12deg celzius) and for some period of time i couldnt find a good pic on my ebay 800mw set..i had a good color but it was too dark... after recording some flight (10-15 mins) suddenly color apeared... im using 3xlipo for brushless motor and power supply for cam it was late afternoon and the sun was pretty low(it was 2 hrs be4 sundownor so) any suggestions(except buying a ccd cam..ill do that as soon as i gather some $) thanx for help guys p.s.i am not sure what cam is it although i think it is all the same sh*t from ebay cheap systems ...this cam has sort of steel casing and 3 infra reds on each side of lens
  3. another sub zero temp flight made... 1st i want to apologize..it seems that i gave wrong info about voltage.. we were flying today on temps about 0 deg and i wasnt able to get color..again only black and white pic..no color .. even when voltage droped.. cam works perfectly on 12.5V(3 lipos) in my friends room(normal temp)...it seems that low temperature is affecting cams color but im not sure..if anyone has some knowledge about this temp stuff please write it down as far as the range goes today we flew our styro 1.2m electric plane as far as we could see it and then much more using my pc monitor... we assumed that it was at least 650 or 700meters...i guess we lost sight of plane on 400 or 500m and after that we flew using monitor... on 700m there was aposolutley no dropouts...just slight imperfections w picture wich is always there..on 1 m 100meters or 500 meters... too bad we had no color... i think were done flying for at least 2 months..when temps get higher we will try again ..and well go even further..
  4. so ive made my gp patch...used a sort of electric saw to cut metal plate..very unprecise method..not accurate..i have few milimeters mistakes in every dimension and edges are not straight+i acidently bend metal plate so i just make i flat again w my hands so thats not 100%flat so when i made a pretty lousy cutting job and assumed that my frequency was 1.16Ghz(probably not) i then cut some depron to use it as spacers between two plates i used about 1 meter of coax cuz my reciver has F connector...i just mounted another F connector on 1 side of cable(that goes to reciver)..like male F.. i drilled holes in plates...small one in smaller plate and big one is bigger plate i welded coax(sourounding wires)to big plate and middle isolated wire to small plate using weak welding tool(sorry for my bad tech english)...50 watts..so i hardly managed to weld that coax to my gp patch..very crappy and bumpy welds... today ive managed to test it..we were on airfield..it was almost 0 celzius and ive bring my pc there so i recorded my flight directly to pc...my 3200+ amd processor was very cool..hehe... anyways my friend flew his plane w cam and i was recording it... 1st problem was that my 800mw ebay sh*t cam had black and white pic...i tuned it without antenna and then connected gp patch so i flew like 10mins b&w and suddenly color apeared...my friend is using 3 lipo cells...2 much voltage...when voltage dropped to like 10v or so i got color..wahooo.. so we had a styro airplane about 1.2m span...we flew it as far as we could see it clear..we assume it was 400meters... no dropouts,no interferance..nothing..all 100% perfect...beside maybe crud colors cuz it is a cmos cam and some small interferance that is always there.. so what im trying to say here is.."JUST MAKE THAT GP PATCH.."..it doesnt cost almost anything and it rulez oh yeah i guess cams performance might be better in better weather conditions(maybe,not sure) cuz the temp was loowww...i almost froze..and wind was blowing+airplane speed=even lower sub0 temp.. i have some metal sheet left for 1 more gp patch...this time ill use freq counter and i will give my plate to a pro worker to cut it for me so its going to be 100%perfect dimensioned,100 flat...so we will is will it perform better and if so how much better.. i guess in a few weeks ill put it on my f3j sailplane(heinrich stork) and try to do 700 or 800m or even more using my monitor for flying.. thats all folks( for now)... i hope this post will encourage few of u guys to make ur patches
  5. ive bought a metal sheet...it is from material that doesnt rust(dunno the word)..like usual metal sheet material..not copper nor brass.. anyways it is 0.7mm thin...is that ok? im also using F connectors cuz i have F connector on my reciver.. i will drill a hole in bigger metal plate and put thru coax then weld sourounding coax wire to bigger plate and mid wire to upper plate and glue some mechanical reinforcements i guess ill use 10cm of coax do u guys think that i could have some improvement comparing to standard rx antenna(ebay hongkong cheapo cam) oh yeah i guess ill cut tx antenna to 65mm...
  6. hello i got my 1.2ghz 800mw ebay cam and ive seen topics about cutting tx antenna so ever1 is talking about 110mm to 60mm.. mine antena is about 85mm long measuring it from casing to top of antenna and i guess that antenna is a lil longer if i would measure it w opened casingfrom antennas actual beginning... so i should cut it to 60mm measuring from casing? suggestions please thanx peeps
  7. alrighty then...thats good news..now i just have to make that gp patch and hope for a sunny day and try it out...cant wait:) thanx for the help guys
  8. thanx for the answer i am using stock antenna ...double range sounds good... ive measured my range w no airplane....just took my cam in hand and sit into the car ,reseted kilometers and drive away... so that was ground to ground range..ive heard that range increases when ground to air...is that true?
  9. hello all i recently bought 800 mw 1.2ghz system from ebay...it costed me about 10$ +30$ shipping..hmmm.. i put cam on a butterfly slowflyer and we flew indoor and cam works just fine... however when winter ends we are planning to put cam on my sailplane f3j(stork) so i need bigger range... we tested it and ground to ground range was about 250 meters... ive read some stuff about homemade patch antennas so i was wondering has anyone tried that kind of patch antenna(gp patch) on 1.2 ghz 800 mw ebay system.. what can expected range be using that antenna? and good suggestions how to reduce dropouts.. thanx
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