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  1. We wanted three simultaneous camera feeds because this is a speed task based run through a randomized obstacle course, and the only visual information on said course will come from these cameras. Giving the operator at least a 180 degree field of view without having to stop and mess with camera angles is pretty much required. With that said, I believe we may be able to get away with swapping between the two side mounted feeds. Were there any particular modules you found useful?
  2. Yeah, that is more than we are looking for here by a full order of magnitude. We only need it to operate at low resolution, and at relatively short range (shouldn't be more than 50 meters) with little transmission interference Just as an example, three of this $40 kit would have been perfect, but it does not appear they can be operated in parallel.
  3. I thought it might be. We can raise more money if it is reasonably necessary. Regardless, we could still use some perspective. If it helps, we do not need stunningly detailed resolution on this thing, just enough to navigate our way through a well lit course.
  4. My team is building a remote operated vehicle for an obstacle course. We wish to set it up so that the vehicle has three mounted cameras streaming their feed back to a laptop in front of the driver for the sake of navigation. Cameras need to be relatively small and light (call it less than 5 cm on any dimension as a rough guideline). The receiver needs to be able to handle the three video feeds simultaneously, rather than just switching in between. We can handle a fair degree of assembly, wiring, and programming, we just need the right parts to work with. We are also hoping to spend less than $150 on this portion of the project, but can stretch this value if need be. We've been looking at a number of wireless video camera systems, but thus far, all of the suitable "candidates" have been either well over our budget, or have been...vague about handling more than one camera feed at a time. In any event, what I'm hoping to get here are a few suggestions on components to pick up, or at least a better understanding of what to search for/where to look.
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