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  1. Thank you for the quick response. I built the antenna to your exact specs using the same material from the same source. I only have the nylon so I will try that.. I was more concerned with the holes I would need to drill in the metal causing a problem.
  2. I am sorry if these have already been asked / answered, I did quite a bit of searching / reading and could not find the answers. In building the GP patch I used JB weld to join the galvanized plates to the hardwood separators. After only slight handling the glue joints broke. I then ground the surface of the galvanized and re-glued with the same results. I am thinking the separation distance is important and trying to think of a way to hold them together. One thought was drill both plates at the corners through the blocks with a.080 and use 2mm nylon screws through both plates. Does anyone see why this would be a problem? I have been using the stock dipole antenna on my RX and am familiar with its range. I have made, but not tested a GP patch and have this question if anyone knows. What it the beam width of the GP patch, and what point beyond that beam width does it become equivalent to the stock dipole?
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