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  1. Terry, I appreciate the help! I am taking to heart your concerns about PCM failsafe. Of course, PCM vs. PPM is a completely different topic and one that has been debated thoroughly in other threads. I'm such a novice though, I still don't understand. Whether the CCPM is done by the computer radio or an external device - either way it seems that I still need an FS8 copilot instead of a CDP4 copilot? But I have a lot of practice flying to do before I take a camera up in the bird anyway, and I have all winter to work this out. There is a mind-boggling wealth of information on this mess
  2. Thanks for the input! Have no idea what an "add-on CCPM" is. I think I can simplify my question: is anyone using a wireless video camera on an electric copter equipped with the FS8 copilot? If so, how does it work for you? and are you using a Futaba or JR Tx? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for responding! My understanding is -- the Ikarus Eco 16 can be set up with a mechanical mixer, in which case the older CoPilot (CDP4) would work. But the one I have, assembled, is set up for a computer-controlled mixer, making this copter CCPM, which means the older version of FMA Copilot won't work. I could rebuild the copter with a mechanical mixer, and the old CDP4 would work. But do I want to do that? Will a novice have trouble setting up the mechanical mixer? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I'm a new poster and I apologize if this has been discussed in another thread - if so, please direct me there. the search engine won't let me search for a 3-char keyword like FS8 or PCM. I have built a few successful wireless video-equipped RC robots for ground and water use. (I call them 'robots' because they aren't meant to perform like trucks or boats - they are built simply to gather video in places where humans can't go.) I stopped using PPM receivers in my robots because of the glitching. I'm about to venture into the air with an electric helicopter. I'm learning to fly
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