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  1. Well, I didn't know if these components were sensitive enough to need an exact regulated power supply. More Mic questions......both of those listed are over my voltage.......has anyone used the 1st one listed on a 5v system? Do you think the last one 12v would do anything powered up on 5v?
  2. Cool, I went to buy one, but I see they have a 15$ min order, I am going to look into a voltage regulator too, I am going to use a 4.8v NiMH pack, do you think a regulator is still necessary. Paul
  3. I bought one of the black widow systems, using 600mw, and am going to use a 5v system, does anyone know where I can get a mic to use on it? I talked to Bill, and he told me it has to be a "line level" output type to work with the TX. Any ideas? Paul
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