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  1. Is it just me?....or has RCG been down big-time for quite a while? I tried to get to the RPV forum and can't...in fact I can't get to any forum. What's up?
  2. VRflyer...I am still curious how you go about setting up the re-transmission of video signal from your down-link receiver under the tripod to a receiver that your goggles are connected to. Can you simply take the RCA output of the down-link rx under the tripod and feed it into the standard video/audio input on a second 2.4ghz tx (different channel) and then receive it with a second rx attached to your goggles? Thx.. ob1
  3. As always....VERY VERY nice setup and a great idea ! What type of tx/rx did you use for setting up the channel "Y" link from the std video rx under the tripod to your new video goggles? Thx... ob1
  4. Hi....on most of these "board cameras" that are used in wireless video applications, it seems the camera connector is a small white plastic plug...mayby 3/8" long x 1/8" thick...and has 4 pin-outs (presumably pwr, grnd, video, audio). Does this type of plug have a trade-name...like "bnc" or some other designation? If I just wanted to order the plug with pigtail wires, where would I order one from?...thx ob1
  5. OK....thx for the responses....you've convinced me to go "circular patch". You also indicated that I should beware of which vendors are "trusted".....so do you have any suggestions for which vendor and/or circular patch model I should aim for ?...thx
  6. Thanks for the response, and let me try to clarify what I am looking for a little better. My airborne tx is "linear polarized" (i think) in the vertical direction....i.e. antenna points "down" from under-belly mounting. On the rx it appears i should use a patch-style antenna instead of the whip that came with the rx. I am trying to decide what kind of patch to buy. Should it be "linear" polarized?...."circular" polarized?....if circular, should it be LHCP? or RHCP? or does it even matter that much or at all? thx... ob1
  7. Hi...I have been looking at lots of forums (RCU, RCG, RC-CAM, etc) and reviewing posts about wireless aerial video components, including the "patch" antenna, which seems to be very popular. I have some older 2.4 equipment (+/- 3 yrs) that came with a "whip" rx antenna that is about 8" tall curly wire with magnetic base. It appears this is omni-directional and does not work well (lots of drop-outs) even in a relatively remote and flat area without any obstacles. So I am thinking about getting one of the 4.5"x4.5" 8dbi patch antennas that are comercially available through several wireless hob
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