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  1. I have bought three of these ($29 each) and have them mounted in 3 planes. The video quality is great. It has analog out and audio also. http://www.mavin.com/index.php?crn=204&rn=...ion=show_detail This thread at RCGroups shows that other people are getting good results with this camera as well. http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=479780 Chris
  2. This page shows how to use the CamMan in a Pencam Trio. http://www.chrisgood.com/rcplanes/aerial_p...am_trio_ii.html Good luck! Chris
  3. cyb, I have been modding lots of cameras using the standard CamMan over the past couple of years, but this mod sounds very good for a couple of cameras I have had problems with. Could you please provide the hex for this mod? Thanks. Chris http://www.chrisgood.com/rcplanes/aerial_p...hotos/index.htm
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