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  1. Mr. RC-CAM, I'd go for a complete parts kit! Ensignnolo
  2. The Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International is putting on Unmanned Systems North America 2004 in Anaheim, CA, August 3-5. As part of this, they are having a flight demonstration at Edwards AFB on August 2. This costs 45 bucks whether or not you are a member of AUVSI. You HAVE to register by Tuesday, June 15 for a background check. I've been to these when they are at the Pax River NAS, and they are always a lot of fun, and you're up close and personal with the airframes. I'm hoping to go if I can convince the powers that be it is worthwhile. The fee for an Exhibit Hall o
  3. Here it is: http://www.eps.gov/spg/DON/NAVSEA/N00178/N...37/listing.html Ensignnolo
  4. Yep, I do subscribe. I've seen it at Barnes and Noble, you might try there. Ensignnolo
  5. Not a problem! The next time I'm in the Orlando area, I'll try to get to Tampa and see you guys fly! Ensignnolo
  6. The feature article in the June 2004 edition of Quiet Flyer Magazine is entitled "Radio Control Developments". Under the "Technology Changes" heading, the article describes the Digital Spread Spectrum system Dave uses. Also included are four pictures, one of Dave with one of his UAVs, the others of the radio and airframe. Way to go Dave! Ensignnolo
  7. I will wait patiently for your plans, and once again, good job! Ensignnolo
  8. Nice! Do you have any plans for your plane? Ensignnolo
  9. Slashdot article, with the usual worries how it could be used for nefarious purposes. http://slashdot.org/articles/04/02/22/2146231.shtml ensignnolo
  10. l-com is about 25 minutes down the street from where I work. I have purchased some SMA to N adapters from them in the past. They have everything. Ensignnolo
  11. Dave, Nice videos! The Idaho ones give new meaning to the term 'unimproved landing strip'! Great job! Who are you making the tracking dishes for? Ensignnolo
  12. Here is a press release from NASA: http://amesnews.arc.nasa.gov/releases/2001...01/01_58AR.html There is a link to some pictures of the vehicle in the body of the release. More here: http://www.spacedaily.com/news/marsplane-02b.html More here: http://marsairplane.larc.nasa.gov/ Good pictures from vehicle under test here: http://marsairplane.larc.nasa.gov/reliability.html Videos here: http://marsairplane.larc.nasa.gov/multimedia.html (scroll down) Ensignnolo
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