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  1. I was wondering about this topic. I have a 2100mah 3 cell lipo running a Brushless Park 450 and powering 6 small futaba servos. How can I compute if I have overloaded the ESC. The plane acts weird sometimes. It can get a little eratic as if it is getting out of range but it's not far away. The pan and Tilt servos get a little crazy when I get clost to the ground or large metal objects. Any help on this. Thanks
  2. VR Flyer I just got the MPVR and was wondering if people are using it to record on the ground or are they recording in the plane before it is transmitted to the ground. I have the big electric tiger moth 400 from GWS. It is comparable in size and weight to the airframe you are using. Also if connected in the airplane is there a special connector that I will need to use to connect the MPVR and send the signal to the video TX. Lastly I am trying to order a gyrocontrol from RC-tech and was wondering if they ship to the U.S. I have not been able to bring up a shipping method in the checkout ar
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