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  1. Thanks for the quick reply, Thats how I did my pcb layout. (is there a better one?) Some more silly questions , if I run 4 pics on 1 pcb do i need to power each one sepratly from each rx channel output or can i just use 1 power/gnd input for all 4 pics of the one channel? also can I use 1 push button switch to program all 4 at once and 1 led for status(leaving pin2 NC of the other 3 pics) ? Thanks Dariusz
  2. Thanks Mr Rc-Cam oops' i drew the diagram wrong i messed up pin 7 and 6, pin 5 should be not connected. But i did it correctly though, lol. At the start, I wasnt sure if pin 3 went to ground or vcc, but I did do it corrcectly like you said, added pin3 to gnd via jp1. Its working as it should be. If you could just thriple check my updated diagram 1 more time. http://itfocus.dyndns.biz/downloads/other/...cfsv2circut.jpg I tested the device on one servo and it works great no gliches even when I turn off my tx. I am not sure how I can connect 3 servos and the esc throttle? Does each channel have a different signal? If I put 4 connectors on each side and plug in the servos\esc throttle via the rcfsv2 to the rx will this work for all 4 channels? Dariusz
  3. Its all sorted out, it was the programming of the chip, i downloded this program from http://www.qsl.net/dl4yhf/winpicpr.html it supports the PIC12F683 and it worked like a charm on my jdm programmer. Is it possible for the rcfsv2 to support more than 1 servo? SuperH
  4. Rc-Cam, Thanks for your info, I have already completed the NavLighs project which works great. I started the RCFSV2 project. I ordered 3 samples of PIC12F683. Im using IC-Prog v1.05D but I cant find this chip in the drop down menu the closest is PIC 12F675? is this ok to use in programing mode? http://www.ic-prog.com/index1.htm Also could you please take a quick look at my pcb diagram just incase I made an error somewhere without relising and to confirm if its correct. If I dont want to use the low voltage detection do I still add the red line from jp1 up to vcc Pin1, as shown in the diagram? http://itfocus.dyndns.biz/downloads/other/...cfsv2circut.jpg Thanks SuperH
  5. I'm just wondering if this chip PICAXE-08M can be used instead of the PIC12F683? extra info PICAXE-08M microcontroller chip. Supports 5 input/outputs including three ADC and special music output. Based on 12F683. http://www.dt.com.au/category.php?pagefrom...ECT:KITS:PICAXE http://www.intellecta.net/picaxe.html SuperH
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