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  1. I have now flown twice with the new Rx antenna config, but without side by side comparisons, or a strictly regimented range test I think it very hard to tell how much an improvement this has made, but I do think it is an improvement. When I reviewed the video the low level at far distance reception seems to have improved... meaning maybe a 75-100 feet above tree line and about .4 miles away in a "RF crowded" area. I had zero drop outs and very little interference. The worst it got was when banked over, turning back towards me when the Tx antenna on the plane is pointing away from me.
  2. I wish! If I could pull that off I could lose 11 ounces of digital camera! It's with a Canon S80... a bit heavy, but the best digital cam I've use so far. Still a south wind today ... maybe I can test the nex antenna setup in the next couple days....
  3. I have a specific "route" I fly often, as I have been taking construction progression photos. I should be able to easily tell if the reception has improved... also I do not think I have any past video to compare it with, so it will be very subjective.
  4. Here is the new configuration, will be testing this week... if the wind cooperates. Thanks all!
  5. Yes, that is the vision in my mind you had described, thanks for the illustration, I will be giving that configuration a try this week :-) CJS
  6. I found the spec's on what I have: To me it looks like rotating these particular ones may not help... but maybe moving them your recommended distance apart and staggered 45 degrees? Q: How would one figure the center to center distance apart - what is the formula for 2.4 Ghz? Electrical Specifications Frequency 2400-2500 MHz Gain 14 dBi Horizontal Beam Width 30 degrees Vertical Beam Width 30 degrees Impedance 50 Ohm Max. Input Power 25 Watts VSWR < 1.5:1 avg. Lightning Protection DC Short Mechanical Specifications Output Connector "N" type Female
  7. Thomas, Very good info, I will be investigating and making some changes! thank you! CJS
  8. Antenna distance (apart) vs. angle? What about antenna angle, here is my set-up, I am trying to be compact but maybe I need to revise my patch antenna configuration? Suggestions? Thanks, CJS
  9. I've been using a 1000mw 2.4GHz downlink with Diversity Rx for my video feed for a couple years now and it works pretty well, but I have been contemplating switching to the ORACAL so I can go to 900MHz hoping that I can get better obstacle penetration. I also use my wireless for live brocast on a helmet cam for bicycle races and would like to improve the reception when obstacles interfer (trees, small hills buildings etc). Does anyone have a good (real use) comparison between a 1000mw 2.4GHz and a 500mw 900 MHz system with similar receivers? Thanks in advance, and thanks RC-CAM for a
  10. OK, I've searched around, hope this is the right place to post this: Is there a simple thread here somewhere that describes the current state of the ORACLE project, it's capabilities, specifications, date of (commercial) availability, estimated price, what frequency(s) etc. Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks!
  11. I had the same problem with my 1000mw 2.4ghz in close proximity to the plane's Rx... I was able to go from a 2" to an 8" separation and that alone did the trick in my application... CJS
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