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  1. Maybe, dunno, I will have to try I guess. Is the servo tester mentionned on this web page http://www.rc-cam.com/servotst.htm available for purchase and if so where? Thanks, Jacques
  2. Hello everyone, I saw an interesting article on a web page of this forum's site on a servo-tester, and I am wondering if it will work with a gyro/servo combination eliminating the receiver/transmitter. I am trying to build a gizmo that requires a gyro (using the theEflite G210HL) to sense the position of the hand and will activate a servo (using the Futaba S9257) when the hand moves. I have all the parts incuding a 4.8 volt battery pack but it is not working, The gyro is flashing a red light which indicates something is out of whack. So I was searching on the internet for a solution and f
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