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  1. Could you please tell me length of the antenna cable of the yb2normal antenna design ? Actually I can place transmitter very close to antenna hub, but maybe there is some minimum cable length ?
  2. Here, in Moscow, in MITRAKON company. But there is no any reseller having GPS modules with internal antenna in stock :-)
  3. Thanks! I eventually found some GPS modules here in Russia, and now am trying to know, which is better Regarding OSD, I do not need to buy it - I made it myself
  4. Thanks, I will check it out. Besides, I have only 540 bytes free and think about moving to some kind of 28-pin / 8k RAM PIC. Another choice is adding second PIC, which will prepare raw data to display by 1st PIC and link them by common memory or some kind of parallel communication. 2nd PIC will talk with GPS and stuff, 1nd will display.
  5. I made small OSD project. Currently it displays voltage of each cell from 3s. Voltage of cell below 3.19v starts blinking. This circuit is plugged between camera and TV TX. In my LCD glasses I can see video with text data overlayed. I am planning to extent the device by displaying GPS data relative to the launch site (X, Y, alt.), and heading and distance to the site. Maybe somebody can recommend a cheap (40-60$) GPS module with RS-232 or simpler connection ? Schematic: http://forum.rcdesign.ru/index.php?automod...=attach&id=4462 HEX, source: http://forum.rcdesign.ru/index.php?auto
  6. Yes, it's VERY slow. AUW is about 700g, but it's still fly as feather. Pretty difficult to fly in windy day (above 3 m/s). Googles: same thing. I should constantly tune it, but I suppose it's because of poor camera.
  7. It's like a Kite Plane from Rogallo. Here is the link to my blog records regarding it: http://forum.rcdesign.ru/blog/prikupets/in...?showentry=1514, http://forum.rcdesign.ru/blog/prikupets/in...?showentry=1417, http://forum.rcdesign.ru/blog/prikupets/in...p?showentry=352, http://forum.rcdesign.ru/blog/prikupets/in...p?showentry=146 and to my blog itself: http://forum.rcdesign.ru/blog/prikupets/index.php? Sorry, it is totally in Russian. Please ask me and I will translate some paragraphs for you
  8. The chokes are needed for eliminating RF antenna signal in trainer cord. I have seen this solution in the Hitec Flash 5 circuit and did just same. Here is the updated video with version 2.0 source (low pass filtering): http://forum.rcdesign.ru/index.php?automod...=attach&id=4274
  9. Not right now I am going to install it to hat and try in real world.
  10. Sorry, I missed whole discussion. I added sort of low-pass filtering to the code and now servo are much more stable to jerky movements. I have to change S-Video-type connector for trainer cord to something more strong, i.e. COM or VGA port connector, because the cord is often falls out from the nest due its own weight. Source, HEX code: here
  11. I did this for FPV. Here is the scematic: http://forum.rcdesign.ru/index.php?automod...=attach&id=4144 Program: http://forum.rcdesign.ru/index.php?automod...=attach&id=4137 Video (rename to WMV if viewed black and white): http://forum.rcdesign.ru/index.php?automod...=attach&id=4135
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