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  1. Hi RC-Cam I am getting bad interference from my ESC. I have placed a RCFS V2 between my RX and ESC and while it has definitely cleaned up the signal it has not removed the cause of the interference. My plan now is to use a seperate battery for my RX and add an opto-isolator to ensure the ESC & RX are totally isolated. I would be grateful if you would have a look at the attached circuit and tell me if it will work. Are the values for R3 & R4 ok? Many thanks Busta
  2. Hi You were right! It was the RX signal causing the problem. I was testing using a Berg RX which has it's own glitch filtering. After power up there must be a slight delay before it sends out a first valid pulse to the servos. Im guessing that RCFS uses the power up timer to trigger whether to go to run mode or program mode. In my case when it fired the Berg RX had not yet sent out a valid servo pulse hence I was unable to ever get into program mode. Anyway, with a different RX it works great. Thanks for another excellent circuit. Happy (glitch free) flying Busta
  3. I think my problem may relate to fuses set. I am using WinPic software. It gets device configuration options from MPLAB (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLAB IDE\Device\PIC12F683.dev") When I use this definition files a few fuses are different to the ones in your documentation: there is no MCLR but is "MCLRE Master Clear Enable" - options Internal/External there is no BODEN0 & BODEN1 but "BODEN Brown Out Detect" - options BOD Enabled, SBOREN Controls BOR Function, BOD Enabled in run - disabled in sleep, BOD Enabled SBOREN disabled OSC OScillator - Internal RC Clockout/ No Clock Previously I simply loaded your hex code and it appeared to select values and thats what I went with. Any suggestions as to what these settings should be? Thanks Busta
  4. Hi again When I am pressing twice for hold mode - yes I do release after the second press. I have noticed that while pressing if I hold the button a bit too long the led starts to blink as if its showing the status which makes me think I may not be in program mode in the first place. Regards Busta
  5. Hi I have just built this circuit and it works fine on the initial test i.e. turn transmitter off, led flashes for a short while then turns solid. My problem is that I cant get into program mode. I turn the power on while holding down the pressbutton. The led flashes and stops when I release the button. I then press the button twice for hold mode (led flashes as I press the button - is this correct?). I then wait for the led to flash slowely to turn the filter on but this never occurs. Any ideas why? Many thanks Busta
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