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Attention: RC-CAM.com will be closing down August 2021.

The RC-Cam.com forum was the very first online community dedicated to the advancement of wireless video cameras on radio controlled (R/C) models. This is now called "FPV" (First Person View). We are proud of the contributions that our members have made to the FPV hobby.

We've seen significant changes over the last twenty years. Initially there were a lot of eager R/C hobbyist that built their own video systems. Allowing these creative individuals to share their work was the purpose of this site. Now the FPV market is flooded with low cost systems; Sadly DiY FPV video projects are now rarely discussed.

RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

We appreciate every member's involvement with advancing the FPV hobby. It is indeed sad to say goodbye to all our online friends. Be safe and stay healthy.


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  1. Did you manage to get this sorted out? I'm having the same problems with my 1.2Ghz 1w system. The Lawmate Rx outputs PAL video that displays perfectly on my cheap monitors and on the home plasma but the Marshall field monitor I use for FPV doesn't recognise the signal. I've tried connecting other PAL sources to the Marshal field monitor and it recognises and displays the alternative sources perfectly. It's obviously an issue with the composite video signal that the field monitor doesn't like. I'd love to get this sorted out.
  2. I posted this over in RC groups but perhaps it would be better suited here: In my quest to develop a decent helmet camera system I am trying to find a solid state DVR unit that will record video from a bullet cam in a format suitable for converting to DVD. When not using the helmet camera I would also like to use the same recording unit to view and record my video downlink for AP. I realise that this is not entirely an AP question but thought that since there are so many techno savy members here already using DVR's to record their video downlinks, someone might be able to give me some ad
  3. That's a really well put together Manual and Installation Guide there. I'm veeery impressed! And no I didn't spot anything goofy You mentioned that short range recievers should not be used and that only a high quality double conversion reciever would suffice. Does this include the JR R700 running on their ABC and W circuitry? Would an FMA reciever (with copilot) such as the FS8 provide a better solution?
  4. Understood.... gotta pay those bills! Looking forward to hearing about your progress
  5. Love your work Kilrah. I'm just ordering online now. I'll let you know how we go!
  6. Ahh I see! So does that mean that the only pre made board is the EVAL? And where did you see free samples? NI? My ears always prick up when I hear "free"
  7. Thanks Denis, I'm sticking with the 5V TX and camera for now but want to upgrade to the 12V in the future. I'm not a fan of the standard regulators due to their heat and inefficiency. I'm still trying to track down a LM2675-5.0. There seems to be many options for the one LM2675-5.0, such as LM2675M-5.0 LM2675MX-5.0 LM2675N-5.0 LM2675-5.0EVAL LM2675-5.0MDC LM2675-5.0MWC LM2675M-ADJ ARGHH, which one do I get?! Please excuse my ignorance
  8. How's this fantastic project coming along? Any sign of a release date yet?
  9. sorry people, I'm having trouble tracking down a decent store that sells single units of these regulators. Digi-Key had them for $4.00 each but then wanted me to pay $36 for shipping!
  10. Thanks for all your help Kilrah. Much appreciated I'll look into the LM2675-5.0 and let you know how it all pans out.
  11. So what's the best regulator to take a 3S down to 5V for my transmitter? I'm just going to run with a 5V camera off the transmitter for now.
  12. Thanks Kilrah. Since I'm running the ESC/motor of a 3S pack I think I might power the camera off that and have a seperate 2S pack for the transmitter with a single regulator. Does this sound like a more viable option? I'll be using the setup in heavily built up areas so was thinking that a powerfull directional antenna would help cut through interference from various wireless networks. I guess my motto has always been too much is better than not enough.
  13. Yeah I was a little hesitant with this setup too. I'd really like to keep weight to a minimum with a 2S, but if it means sacrificing video quality then I'll go with a 3S.
  14. I'd just like to start by saying what a great site this is! I only stumbled across it recently and have gained so much inspiration from it already . I'm currently setting up my first Wireless camera setup and was hoping to run a few questions by you all. My setup will be as follows: Blackwidow 600Mw 5V TX / 12V RX KPC650 High Res 12V camera 14Dbi patch antenna 2S (7.2V) 800Mah Lipo Battery DC-DC Boost Switch Regulator (for camera) DC-DC Buck Voltage Regulator (for transmitter) See attachment for simplified transmitter configuration. The KPC650 will be interchangeable with
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