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  1. Finally a chance to reply! So sorry about all the delays. On to answer your questions: The 5.8 systems perform very well at my field compared to the other frequencies. Less dropouts, better signal. Since I don't fly out that far, distance hasn't been an issue. I was somewhere in the 1000 ft altitude range with the DPCAV 5.8 500 mw transmitter. The dropouts occur consistently over a known bad area of the field regardless of frequency. There are a lot of houses/buildings around. Perhaps interference on the other bands. Camera used is this one http://www.123securityproducts.com/kpcvsn500nhb.html Ground station is an Iftrontech 5.8 diversity receiver hooked up to a Sony MiniDV recorder. The antennas I used were the stock dipoles provided by you and Iftrontech. The transmitter and camera were taped to the top of the Funjet with the antenna pointing straight up. And more importantly...video!
  2. Thomas, Just got back from a successful flight. It took a while to find some time after the U-boat incident! LOL! The transmitter works perfectly. It runs cool even in the Florida heat. I ran the Funjet back and forth and up and down. The signal stayed very strong. Nice work Thomas! I'll send some video your way via YouSendIt shortly. -K
  3. Just a quick update - The plane slipped from my hand during launch (Darn this girly arm!) and splashed down in a huge puddle of water. I've let all the components dry out for several days and tested them on the bench. All looks fine. Back in the plane and we'll try again!
  4. And you shall have video! It will be entertaining and enlightening! I was getting over 70mph with it using an Astro 05 2 turn motor last week. Next thing I know, there's flames coming out the back (Serious flames. Just ask Ken - Kist2001)! I guess 60 amps (on a Castle 60) in the Florida heat with little airflow in a plane that's essentially an insulated beverage container was too much and the ESC went up in flames. The OSD started showing "ALERT" and before I knew it - flames! At any rate, it's repaired and the Astro 05 has been swapped out for a more sedate Astro 020. It should still be exciting!
  5. How about one of those Pico projectors? The image could be projected on a small screen on the inside of the hat. Can't take credit for this idea (kist2001).
  6. All set-up and ready to go in a Multiplex Funjet. This little plane can get some serious altitude. Transmitter looks great. Great job (as always) Thomas! Flight testing (with recorded video) hopefully Monday!
  7. Thomas, I'll take a transmitter by itself if you've got any left over. Thanks! Khalid
  8. Dave, I've got one in mint condition that I'm not using. Let me know if you're interested. Khalid
  9. www.dpcav.com They carry 5.8 rx/tx modules. They are very easy to wire up. I'm working on some Eagle PCB files for them.
  10. Daniel, Another technique I've used is to tack two opposite ends of the IC to the PCB. I then solder the four sides with a bead of solder. I then wick away the excess with solder braid.
  11. *Got it to work! Found this post on RCgroups: "I had a problem with the module not runing the motor powered by CC10 ESC when channel 4 for firing was used. I just looked at the TopGun description and I found the notice: "Compatibility Notice: Some versions of the Castle Creations Phoenix 10 brushless speed controller, when used with a Futaba or Hitec transmitter, will not work with the Gear channel controlled method" If this is about my problem, the problem was (as Mr.RC-Cam described to me) with fireing with the channel next to the throttle which is rudder (4) not the gear (5), I think I wouldn't have a problem with channel number 5 as I don't have any issues fireing with channel number 1. I have two modules on thwo GWS warbirds. Both have CC10 just one is about half year old, the other one I've bought about 3 weeks ago. I used GWS 4-channel receiver so my setup is: On my first module (GWS ZERO with the old CC10) I have CH1 - Ailerons CH2 - Elevator CH3 - Throttle CH4 - Fire. For that I mixed on my Futaba 8U Tx: P-MIX1: Rudder-Rudder, -100%, -100% always On (to deactivate rudder stick) P-MIX2: Ofset-Rudd: +100% activated by switch F (trainer) to fire from channel 4 using trainer switch. No problem at all. Tha same setup didn't want to work with the new CC10. Everything worked except motor didn't run (I could hear CC10 initialized but motor didn't run). When I disconnected the fire cable from channel 4 using fire by throttle stick it work OK. I found it also worked OK wjhen I connected fire cable to channel 1. So on the second module (SPITFIRE with the new CC10) it's a little more complicated: CH1 - Fire. CH2 - Elevator CH3 - Trottle CH4 - Ailerons I had to program the following mixers: P-MIX1. Rudder-Rudder: -100%, -100% always On (to deactivate rudder stick) P-MIX2. Ailerons-Ailerons: -100%, -100% always On (to deactivate aileron stick) P-MIX3. Ailerons-Rudder +100, +100% always On, Link On, Trim On (to controll channel 4 from the aileron stick) P-MIX4. Ofset-Ailerons: +100% activated by switch F (trainer) to fire from channel 1 using trainer switch. Thanks Mr.RC-CAM for helping me solving this problem RysiuM" *Looks like channel 4 was the culprit. Thanks Thomas!
  12. Can't seem to get it to work. This is the RTF module from Mr. RC-Cam.I'm using a Castle Creations brushless controller. The throttle doesn't arm with the unit plugged in. Aux channel works fine to fire the sonic module. Any suggestions?
  13. Very nice! How are you providing power to the Bob-4? What are the three headers to the left of the GPS header?
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