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  1. I got it off eBay a long time ago and the particular one I have isn't sold anymore, there are other 800mw, 1000mw & 1500mw 1.2gbz AV transmitters but most are from a seller called USEEK and annoyingly none of their cameras & transmitters have audio. I don't know how to gauge the range of it because I have some RC inteference and can't get the car to go all that far, I suspect the power of the AV transmitter is causing the glitching but I haven't really given it much testing - FPV with my RC car is just a fun time wasting thing I haven't put a heck of a lot of effort into it, mainly because of the short range issues even with a powerful transmitter.
  2. About the vibration issues of a cam on an RC car, if you waste money on a cheapie truck which only has spring suspension then yes you'll get a very jumpy picture, you need an oil dampened suspension truck, for starters without the dampening you have less control of the car on bumpy surfaces and with dampening you gain more control and a much smoother picture from the camera. Even with a 1500mW AV transmitter on my Tamiya TLT-1 the picture dropouts occur too easily, I'm kinda jealous of the FPV plane flyers who can use a very low power AV transmitter and achieve incredible transmission distances.
  3. Doofer, the best amplified mics I've found in the UK are from http://www.quasarelectronics.com/4037.htm , run off 5v to 12v without fuss, they're not the cheapest but they're very sensitive, I attached one to a cheapie infra-red wireless CMOS camera for a friend's baby monitor setup, works so much better than the internal one in the cam that you can hear their baby make even the slightest of sounds with it. Maplins sell some for £3.50 but they're not nearly as good as the ones from Quasaar Electronics.
  4. If you can sequentially encode using fields instead of frames you'll get 29.97fps for NTSC & 25fps for PAL. With traditional single camera setups which output interlaced video you get 59.94fps for NTSC & 50fps for PAL. The I-Visor goggles I have can't display video a the full 59.94fps or 50fps because of how it achieves a colour image, they obviously couldn't get the LCDs & backlight LEDs to cycle through the red/green/blue elements of the picture fast enough, so they'll only display video at 29.97fps & 25fps. Which is a shame because full interlaced video framerate is so much more desirable for FPV.
  5. hi, the ones I have which have dual inputs on both VGA and composite video are the I-Visor DH-4400VP(D) LCD glasses, I posted info about them in this thread: http://www.rc-cam.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1673
  6. Yes but not gone wireless yet, it's been moved down on my to-do list below "learning to program a Coldfire processor" (eep!). I recently got some 800x600 res LCD glasses that has dual composite & VGA inputs so I can plug two cameras in at the same time, I have some identical cameras and tested stereoscopic vision with them, the result is actually pretty good but getting the cameras perfectly aligned was difficult, if they're out just a fraction then it's more difficult to get your eyes to 'merge' the images when looking through the LCD glasses, at least that was my experience.
  7. Update on playing with these glasses some more, finally discovered there IS a setting in the menu for changing between PAL/NTSC/SECAM input so now my PAL cameras & Archos look great on it. Now to get a pair of identical AV transmitter/receiver setups so I can drive my car in stereoscopic vision (and stereo audio if I want...) As these glasses had the earphones & back strap removed for use in some academic project I'm going to have to make a new back strap & add earphones, also there was some breakage to a couple of the hindges between the top piece that goes on your forehead and the glasses, superglue solved the hindge problem but making them as comfortable to wear as the Sony PLM-S700's might be difficult. In short, I'm much happier with them today than I was yesterday when I got them. They still aren't Sony PLM-S700's though
  8. Thanks so much for the info, (apparent) genuine Sony NP-F970 batteries can be had from China eBay sellers for about $50 including post. Which is nice, so I don't really have an excuse not to get one. I think the PLM-S700 was made before they started slyly locking their units to only use their own batteries. My Sony HC30 DV camcorder apparently has the "only use genuine accessories" circuitry in it but I bought a clone battery for it and it works fine, even down to reading the minutes of runtime available.
  9. Originally posted in another thread but relavent to this thread: Waitaminute, you're telling me if I buy a battery for the HDR-FX7, it will charge from and power the PLM-S700 glasses? Sweet! I've been idly looking for a correct battery for these glasses since I got them but have found nothing, if your camcorder battery works then that's brilliant.
  10. There's only 3 aspects of the S700's I don't like, the noisy fan is the most annoying part which wouldn't be so annoying if secondly the cable between the glasses and control box was double the length - it's too short and not a cable I can replace myself with a longer one, thirdly the power consumption but that isn't such a great problem. Everything else about those Glasstrons is great. On the subject of power consumption I may have a solution in a couple of months which means I could run LCD screen, LCD glasses, recorder of some sort - and charge RC batteries all in one. I've put a deposit on the next year model of an electric bike that comes out in April, it'll have a lithium-polymer battery pack which outputs 24v and 12Ah (current model is NiMH 8Ah and they said the new model would have 50% more power), just hope I can tap into that power without breaking the warranty on the battery/bike...
  11. I got my I-Visor DH-4400VP(D) LCD glasses today, giving them a quick test I have to say after reading the specs on the web I'm quite disappointed in them. Yes they're 800x600 resolution, yes they have dual inputs on both PC and composite video for various 3D modes (dual input, interlaced etc.) but in 2D mode the Sony Glasstron PLM-S700's blow them clean away. The main thing I don't like about them is that to achieve a colour 800x600 resolution they employ a system similar to the the single chip DLP projectors/tvs out there by very quickly displaying the red element of the image, then the green then the blue, so when you move your eyes round the image you get red/green/blue trails everywhere and the image appears to be constantly flickering The fact they run off 5v 2.2A with no fan in the base is nice but they sure ain't no Sony Glasstrons, the build construction of the actual headset is poor, not very comfortable to wear for too long (I guess that's why they put a 2 hour warning screen when you power the thing up) and takes a while to adjust them so your eyes are dead center in the screens or else the image goes blurry at the corners. One nice thing they did was add a thumbwheel on the front just above the nose for adjusting the distance between the LCD screens, so if your eyes are closer or further away from your nose than the average person you can adjust the screens to align with your eyes. I haven't yet fully tested the 3D aspect of the glasses, my main intention is to hook up two AV receivers picking up the image from two cameras on an RC car, but I discovered another bad aspect of these glasses - the specs say they can take NTSC/PAL video input which they can but they're locked into NTSC, inputting PAL gives you a steady, colour, non-rolling image but the bottom 20% of the image is cut-off and movement isn't smooth because it's trying to display a 25fps signal on a 29.97fps display. The manual doesn't say anything about altering the input standards to PAL or NTSC, and there's nothing in the menus of the glasses. Not sure what I want to do with them now, going to do some more testing but I'm guessing it'll just lead me to confirm that I don't like them which is a real shame because they appeared to have great potential. One thing these have shown me is that my Sony Glasstron PLM-S700's really are the dogs *you know what* when it comes to high quality LCD glasses.
  12. I got lucky with the I-visor DH-4400VP(D) LCD glasses, £155 (abut $300) but haven't heard back from the seller yet, must chase them up today. eBay is like a big thug that comes and steals the money from your wallet, I've been using it for 7 years now and it's an unbreakable habit, thankfully the money level of my items sold is mostly higher than my items won
  13. Emagin aren't the only manufacturer of SVGA OLED glasses, I discovered there's also the newest range of I-Visor glasses http://www.personaldisplay.com/content/fmd...md_sub02_01.asp But finding it to buy is another matter. Incedentally I er, won bidding on some earlier version I-Visor SVGA res LCD glasses tonight, look similar to Glasstrons, 3D ones with dual inputs on both composite and PC, so it looks like I can have a go at stereoscopic FPV much sooner than I expected I have some identical cameras, just need two good transmitters+receivers Didn't mean to win the bidding, I'm supposed to be saving my money at the moment.
  14. *** ALL SOLD, NO MORE AVAILABLE *** As of 18th Apr 2007 I still have for sale three PAL format Panasonic KX121 cameras, brand new, tested but never installed in anything. These are 5v, 350 line 1/4" CCD, 3.6mm lens, PAL format, board cameras. The board size is approx 22mm x 26mm. £40 each including UK postage, outside of UK is £41 including postage. UK cheque or PayPal (preferred). Private message me or email fox[AT]ridhughz.demon.co.uk *** ALL SOLD, NO MORE AVAILABLE ***
  15. That's such bad timing for me about the price hike , I won't be able to afford even the pre-hike price for a couple of months as it looks like I'm about to buy an electric bicycle (Urban Mover UM36), wanting to try-before-I-buy I've been given the chance to visit the main headquarters and have a go on one even though they don't actually sell them direct
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