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  1. here my 2 videos which i made with the 600mw brownbagkit from black widow av, its really cool and i am happy with it. first video second video
  2. okay, can somebody upload a frame in full pal or ntsc of the camera, that i can see on the tv. thanks
  3. hello! i am nearly before soldering the brown bag kit 600mw from black widow. i think its a good system for somebody with not great electronic skills. i heard about that the kx 141 with more resolution is unsharper than kx 131. i need help, what should i do, because i can buy the brown bag kit with this both camera, with kx 141 50$ more... thanks for every answer
  4. can i buy these filters everywhere? - or plans to built it for myself? the flight batt is not using for Bec (receiver servos). is that the reason that sharing the flight batt makes troubles? but i have an opto regulator? if i cannot solve the troubles i will sell the system to buy one of /www.blackwidowav.com something like the 600mw package. i heard thats good quality equitment. because using 1,2ghz in our country is not really legaly.
  5. hello! i will try it with leads with shorter length. is there a problem sharing the flight battery with video equipment? i tryed it with a seperatly battery just for the video, but there were the same problems. i can take the transmitter 1 meter away from the 35mhz receiver but the situation isn't going to a better side are there some guys who can show me some adabtable filters for receiver servos or whatever.. Sorry for the bad english. i hope you can understand me.
  6. i took a picture of the setup.. i had no time to try some filter or something like this. could you help me, can you give me a link of one of these filter which i could use
  7. i searching for some pictures how to build a very easy and small, (with coaxial) dipole antenna for my 23cm video transmitter? regards
  8. i bought a set contains a 1200mw transmitter with a receiver and a camera, i built the electronic in the plane but when i switch the transmitter on the receiver of 35mhz get huge error so that the plane wouldn't able to fly. i tried many thing, to isolate the servos and receiver with alu foil, and other stuff, but i could not get the problems away. later i will make a picture of the setup i also tried it with another receiver in 35mhz the video transmitter is in 1,2ghz i hope there are some cool guys who can help me a little bit. king regards
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