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  1. If you're thinking of going the Futaba radio with Spektrum module route, this looks like a pretty good deal, and it comes with the Spektrum module! http://www.rcuniverse.com/market/item.cfm?itemid=532020
  2. The 8103 has a Spektrum module inserted, so you can still use the AR9000 in that case. By far, though, the easiest solution has been to purchase a used Futaba 9C and a Spektrum module to fit it. Spektrum is selling the Futaba modules dirt cheap to try to get people using Spektrum equipment. After going that route I wouldn't even fool with the other techniques.
  3. That's exactly what I thought! Looks like I need to spend some more time on this forum. That's a great build! Tim
  4. OK, quick update: Using the TrackR2 with the DX7/JR 8103 trainer setup WORKS! At some point I'll try to update with more info.
  5. I purchased a Spektrum radio long before I had any idea I would ever need to use selective channel assignments on the trainer port. I'm sure that there are people just getting in to FPV that have made their purchasing decisions based on the JR/Spektrum limitation, though. Unfortunatly the market is probably small enough that they'll never realize that they're losing business because of a stupid self-imposed limitation in their software. That said...my TrackR2 is on its way right now. There should be no problems going from my DX7->TrackR2->8103 w/spektrum module.
  6. You could get a JR 6102 for just over $50 on e-bay. Maybe cheaper other places (RC groups classifieds?) http://cgi.ebay.com/BRAND-NEW-JR-6102-COMP...1QQcmdZViewItem IMHO that would be a cheap way to get head tracking working with Spektrum. Use the 6102 as a slave, DX7 as a master. I haven't tried it yet, but you may be able to get the DX7 to transmit more than 7 channels when doing this. I need to hook up my AR9000 and give that a try.
  7. ALMOST there I did buy the module. While I'm waiting for the TrackR2 to be available, I wound up buying something else that will make things even easier to set up. I found a used JR 8103 that takes modules. I got it for around $100 including a case and a decent NiMH/NiCad charger. Here's why it makes things easier: First, the Spektrum module plugs right in to it so I don't have to worry about how to power it. Second, using the TrackR2 I'll be able to go straight from the DX7 (slave) , to the TrackR2, then to the 8103 (Master) with the Spektrum module. I can still add external antennas if I want to. Third, I've now got a second radio (that's actually more programmable than the DX7) that will help me get my son trained. Here's something else I found out just fooling around with things: any JR radio will work as a slave and you can use your DX7 as a master if you want. You don't really need to buy a module if you don't want to. Just get a decent used programmable JR radio (72MHz stuff is getting cheap!), and you can use it as the slave radio and you're all set. Anyway, I've been using the 8103 for FPV flying for now because it has two proportional dials that I can use and the pan/tilt channels for now. Supposedly the TrackR2 will be available in a couple weeks. I'll be one of the first in line for the purchase when it is!
  8. I was thinking ground loop reduction. Maybe that isn't a problem here. My shielding is the system ground currently. I think you're right, it would only be a problem if you had a separate shield that isn't acting as the system ground.
  9. The shielding in this case is just the ground wire. It's basically coax cable. I'm sure you could go one step further and use two conductor wire with a shield around that. In that case, you would want one side of the shield grounded, I think the camera side.
  10. I use shielded wire from a set of light weight audio/video cables I had sitting around.
  11. That's not how mine works. Unless they've changed something recently (which would be nice), all the Spektrum receivers except the 9 channel one only have throttle fail safe and all other channels hold their last position. The do go to the "bound" positions when you first power it up, but if you lose a signal they hold their last position.
  12. Since mine is mounted in basically the exact same spot... I don't really see any blind spots from having the TX on the wing tip. I'm using a 500mW 900MHz video setup. http://www.vimeo.com/414571
  13. Hey! You pretty much mounted the camera and TX right where I have mine mounted! I noticed you put a ferrite core on the video TX lines. I was considering doing that, but I was concerned that it could do strange things to the video signal. Any idea what sort of impedance mismatch it may create? I suppose if you don't see any ill effects in the video then it doesn't matter anyway!.
  14. Andrew123, I considered that option already, but a few things lead me to the configuration with the external module. Using a second radio means that there needs to be a second receiver on the plane and additional wiring to support it. Also, that receiver should at least be an AR7000 since I may do some "long range" flights and the smaller receivers won't have the range I'm looking for. AR6000's don't like the strong 900MHz video signals (trust me, I know this from experience!) and AR6100's only have a single (dipole) antenna and I've seen firsthand that their range isn't even close to the AR7000's. In addition to not needing an extra receiver on the plane, if I want to do long range flights with the module I can change out the antenna on the module TX to a patch antenna that will have significantly better gain in one direction. I've gone 1.2 miles with the stock antennas (with scary results!). A good patch antenna could increase that range to over 5 miles easily. On the same note, I also wanted to get an AR9000 receiver so I could set up failsafes for all channels so when I DO go long range and if I have reception problems I don't have to go through the scare I went through on my 1.2 mile trip. I nearly lost the Telemaster because the AR7000's failsafe is to hold the last known position of each control surface with throttle off instead of reverting to a preset failsafe position. So, anyway, I did consider what you mentioned but decided to go this route for quite a few reasons. Here's why I want a reliable longer range solution: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5...77705&hl=en
  15. I completely agree. I don't understand their thinking. The AR9000 DOES allow you to set failsafe positions for each channel. If they can do it on that one, you'd think they'd implement that on all the receivers.
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