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  1. Those of you who are using pc's to record your videoes. Are you using hardware or sofware encoding? I was just wondering whether to buy a good program or a dv converter for my setup. What are you using? Kasper
  2. In the talk about inexpensive cameras, what price are we talking about? I know black widow but are their cameras expensive or inexpensive? How much do you guys pay for a ccd 400 lines camera, which makes a fair picture?
  3. I am to buy the Airwave 612 RF transmitter, but which reciever is the best match?
  4. Hallo. First post at this great forum. I'm a newbie when it comes to rc cam but I would like a set. What I have been able to read so far on this forum, is that Airwave from Active- robots 500 mW transmitter are cheap and good. They sell 3 different recievers and I dont know which to buy? Then you all talk about PCB and pins. Blackwidow seem to be a good place but not the cheapest. But I guess its the best place to buy a cam? I need: transmittter reciever cam antennaes cords and plugs I dont mind building and soldering, just need some help to get going So help me out guys! Tell me what to buy!? Thanks Kasper Harley
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